How to Make Your House Smells Good

When your guests or relatives visit your house the scent/smell is first thing they are going to notice in your house.
When house cleaning have you ever wondered that a weird smell is going out of your house when you come back from the long vacations? That’s how most of the house smell where people are not living it it from a long period of time. You are exposed to the scents and you are less able to smell them. We call it nose blindness. To make your house smell good you should follow few steps by House Cleaning Lake City during the house cleaning.
Carpets and Rugs:
During the house cleaning process the first thing you must focus is on the carpets and rugs because they soak the unwanted smell of your pets like cats, dogs and other household items. All you need to do is pour 1 teaspoon of vinegar then add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and then add 2 cups of warm water solution in the spray bottle. After that shake it thoroughly, when the mixture will stop bubbling spray it on the carpet.  
Clean your Garbage Disposal:
During the house cleaning process you might smell stinky or foul smell coming out from the garbage disposal. You can make it smell good again but for that you need to follow few steps. The first thing you must do is lemon peels and then put them in an ice tray with water. After that freezer everything and run it through the disposal. The ice cubes are going to work as a natural abrasive cleaner to help you clean the disposal blades in house cleaning. While the lemon peels are going to offer a natural and chemical free deodorizing in this process.
Create your Own Room Freshener Spray:
In this house cleaning process, you must avoid using the commercial cleaners as they are expensive and contain harmful chemical substances that might cause damage as well. Instead of that you can try using water, alcohol and some essential oils. Spritz this solution when you are expecting friends or guests at your house.  
Scented Candles:
During the house cleaning process, make sure that you light up some scented candles in your living room before your guests arrive. When you will light up the scented candles it will kill the bad odor that has been in your living room as well as make it more lively and fresh.
Essential Oils:When house cleaning you can create your own essential oil by adding few items together in the glass container. Rattan reeds, alcohol, almond oil and some essential oil.
Bake Cookies:
In this process you can bake some delicious cookies that will not only fill your living room with a sweet scent but also enjoy some delicious cookies as well. So, if you are inviting your guests then this process is best.
Most of the times we are busy with office work, so, if you need any help for house organization then contact your local house cleaning lake city experts now.