Some Tips How to Get Rid of Coffee Stains

The best thing about coffee is that you can drink it anywhere you like. It can be either in your car, office, or even parking lot. When house cleaning, you have got cup holders that are meant to cradle your favorite caffeinated beverage but sometimes accidents do happen which means that you might spill the cup of coffee on your precious car seats. In this situation if you know how you can get rid of the stains out of your car seat during the house cleaning it can save your money to get it cleaned by car experts.
Here are few tips by house cleaning lake forest park which you can follow to remove the stubborn stains in no time during the house cleaning.
Fresh coffee stains:
1. During the house cleaning process there is nothing like a fresh brewed cup of coffee early in the morning, especially when you are off to work. Sometimes when you are taking a sip of coffee while you are rushing to your office you might spill it on your clothes or even on the car seats. In this case you need to act fast and clean all those stains which might leave dark stains on your seat. Grab the tissues from the box and blot the area in order to soak the coffee from the fabric. Make sure that you avoid scrubbing it as it might spread the stain to the rest of the seat.
2. When house cleaning make sure that you check the coffee cup as it may contain solid residue in the shape of small coffee grounds and it can find its way down to your nooks and crannies of your car seats. Get rid of them immediately. You can sweet the car seat with the handkerchief of yours to collect the granules.
3. When house cleaning, once you are done dabbing the coffee then you can soak the tissue in water and dab the area to blot the stained car seat.
4. If you have upholstery cleaner during the house cleaning it’s great but if you don’t have it then use the dish soap or baking soda to remove the coffee stain. Apply small amount of cold water on stained fabric and gently dab with your napkin to create a foamy texture with dish soap. Let it sit for 30 minutes.
5. During house cleaning, soak fresh napkin and wipe the entire area of your car seat until you get rid of soap.
Get rid of old coffee stains:
– Vacuum the stained area of the seat to remove coffee grounds and the dirt.
– Pay attention on the coffee stains and make sure you pay extra care on the areas where the fabric is worn out.
– Use the best car upholstery cleaner for stained fabric.
– Use a firm brush to clean the fabric.
– If you still can’t remove the stains then use a spot remover to clean it.
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