Safety and Security

Four Seasons Cleaning is a family owned business.  We have been serving the Seattle and Eastside areas for over 25 years.  We perform an extensive background check for each employee.  They must also complete a training program prior to starting.  When accidents happen (and they do), we are insured and bounded protecting you from loss and/or breakage. 

Outside windows, ironing, laundering, carpet cleaning, and screen cleaning.

No, Four Seasons Cleaning will handle all necessary legal forms.


Four Seasons Cleaning crews clean homes Monday to Friday between 7:30 – 5:00 pm, and Saturday from 8-4pm

Four Seasons Cleaning crews clean offices after hours.

We provide a timeframe for the cleaning and will make an effort to adhere to your schedule.

You do not need to be home.  Many of our customers give us an access code or a key before or at the initial cleaning.  Keys are stored in a secure safe at the end of each day.  

If we cannot gain entry to the home for any reason, you will be contacted. If we cannot reach you, a cancellation fee of $50 will be applied. Lock out fee is 100%

We will call you to reschedule your cleaning day at a convenient time. 

Four Seasons Cleaning crews consist of two people. Occasionally we may send three people.

We make an effort to assign the same cleaning team to regularly scheduled customers home week after week.  Due to illness or vacation, we may send a different crew. Rest, assured, all cleaning crews are trained to provide the same consistent service.

Our services include cleaning, dusting baseboards, pictures, lampshades, Knick knacks, windows sills, furniture and basic light fixtures in all rooms.  We wash and/or vacuum floors through your home.  In the bathrooms, we clean sinks, floors, tubs and showers stalls (learn more – link this to the recurring service page)

We clean interior windows only for an additional charge.

We provide consistent professional cleaning services, and customized our house cleaning and commercial cleaning to fulfill your needs and budget.  To ensure this level of exceptional service, there are areas and items Four Seasons Cleaning teams  do not clean.  These include:

  • Laundry and ironing
  • Pick up and remove clutter
  • Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • Outside windows.

Cancellation Policy

As a general cleaning client, a part of what you pay for is a consistent spot on our schedule. Having a consistent spot ensures that you receive a discounted rate. Any gaps in regular service MAY increase your rate if additional time is needed in order to bring your home back to maintenance level. A cancellation fee will also apply if you do not cancel at least 48 hours in advance. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule your cleaning service, please give us at least 48 hours notice. Please consider our scheduling/preparations and that we are reserving a time slot for your cleaning. A fee of $50.00 will be applied to all accounts that are not canceled/rescheduled at least 24 hours before your scheduled cleaning day. Lock out fee is 100%.

We love pets, and we ask for you to pick up after your pets before your cleaning. If your pets are aggressive or if visitors make them nervous, please secure them prior to our arrival.

We would greatly appreciate it if you communicate instructions directly to the office via email or phone so we can update your file accordingly.  We will make your notes available to the team that cleans your home.

Call us within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will reclean the area free of charge.

We do our best to handle your valuables with care.  However, accidents do happen.  Should damage or breakage occur while we are cleaning, we will alert you.  We will also make every effort to repair the item or replace it if necessary.

It takes more time to clean your house thoroughly during the first visit to bring it up to Four Seasons Cleaning Standards.  Then, recurring services will maintain your clean home.  

Initial cleaning takes at least an extra hour with a team of two.

Payments are made in full on the day of the cleaning.  We kindly ask you to provide a credit card or provide ACH payment at the time of booking.

Our team members do not expect tips.  However, if you would like to recognize exceptional work, it will be greatly appreciated, and the teams can accept them.  Feel free to leave a tip in an envelope or ask us to add it to your charge.

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