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Four Seasons is a family-owned and operated business that helps the residents of Redmond, Washington, feel good about their homes. Because we are a family business and locally owned, we take great pride in our work and care for the homes in our community as our own.

Professional cleaners are hired only when we are sure they can meet these high standards and represent the values of professionalism and dedication that we encapsulate in our business. We prioritize and value our customers’ feedback and safety, so we ensure that our cleaning specialists receive background checks, as well as cleaning certification, and rigorous training to offer quality work.

Get A Free Estimate Call: (425) 821-4503

Our Services

We offer services for residential homes, businesses, and even schools. Since we offer such a wide range of services, our cleaners are fully trained and certified to make sure they can meet your specific cleaning needs.

Home Cleaning

We offer a wide selection of packages for home cleaning. Cleaning can be booked based on areas that need to be cleaned or hours to work. Standard cleaning for areas like the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining and living areas, and laundry rooms will keep your home looking fresh. 

There are also the options to include deep cleaning that will leave any room spotless. Add-on services for other areas of the home are also available, such as detail blind dusting, cleaning inside cabinets, windows, refrigerators, cleaning chandeliers, and more.

Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning for schools, churches, medical facilities, warehouses, retail spaces, and restaurants are also available. Services can be booked for daily cleaning, weekly or bi-weekly contracts are also available. We strive to make sure that we can meet your unique needs. 

We offer to disinfect and to sanitize common areas like breakrooms, kitchens, and restrooms. We can also mop and vacuum floors, remove trash and recycling, and provide electrostatic disinfectant fogging for large areas that kill diseases like COVID-19.

If you are not interested in using a long-term contract, we also offer one time cleanings for parties or a spring cleaning to deep clean your home or business. Deep cleaning appointments are designed by you, so you decide which areas are most important. We can provide a typical checklist, but then you can tweak it to make sure it meets your needs.

Cleaning Services for Redmond Residents and Businesses

People are drawn to Redmond because of the many opportunities to pursue professional and outdoor activities. Employing a house cleaning service in Redmond can help you free up your time to explore your city more, and spend time doing what you love instead of cleaning.

The Best Choice for Your House

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a cleaning service is the ability to spend your time how you desire. Freeing up more time means you can focus your energy on what matters most. You also get to shed all the anxiety that comes with maintaining a clean and orderly house; we take care of that for you! Contact us and we can offer free estimates to help you get started.

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