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House Cleaning Services in Kirkland, WA

By employing a home cleaning service in your home or business you create a safe and healthy environment, reduce your exposure to contaminants and viruses, and create a positive ambiance for your home and space. We also offer commercial cleaning services to Kirkland and nearby areas.

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House Cleaning Services in Kirkland

As a dedicated family owned business, you can trust Four Seasons Cleaning to offer you a service like no other. We take our time when selecting specialist cleaners to represent our company. If you’re looking for professional, respected cleaning services in Kirkland, then you’ve come to the right company.

What We Don’t Offer Putting away dishes, cleaning TVs and computer monitors, lifting anything over 25 lbs, going further than two steps on a ladder, cleaning biohazards, hoarding, high levels of trash, animal waste, insects or rodents, heavy scrubbing of walls or doors, organizing, or cleaning outside of the home.

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Kirkland is widely recognized for its lush waterfront parks, stunning views, amazing art galleries, boutique shopping centers, and classic dining, so there’s likely little time left to clean your home or business premises while appreciating the wonders offered. Ask Four Seasons for what we can do to help ease your busy schedule and give you the comfort that your home or business is clean and safe.

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Save your own time and resources through our services, which are cost-effective in the long term. Also sparing the cost of cleaning supplies, you can use the freed time for more important and demanding tasks. Having a clean home quiets the unease, and pressure of duties racking up on your to-do list.