House Cleaning Lake City | How to Clean Your Freezer

Cleaning the deep freezer is not a complicated process. When house cleaning all you need to do is plan it step by step the entire process and it will just take one day maximum. It depends on the size of freezer which you have got.
The first thing you mist do is remove all of the food items from the freezer and like this you can begin the process of defrosting the freezer. When the ice is melted then you can clean the interior and the exterior of your freezer. Finally you will turn on your freezer after around six hours before you start putting the food items back in your freezer.
Follow guide by house cleaning Lake city to clean your deep freezer during the house cleaning process.
1. Remove the food from the freezer
In this house cleaning process you need to make as much room as you can in the refrigerator freezer so that the which which you are removing from your deep freezer. Another method is to just remove all of the food items from the deep freezer that are not being used by you or their date of expiry is near.
2. Prepare a cooler with ice:
During the house cleaning process if you observe that there is not much space in your refrigerator freezer then you have to prepare a cooler with ice and then place food inside it. You should set aside large coolers and add several layers of ice at the bottom.
3. Relocate the food items:
When house cleaning you need to take food from the deep freezer and put it in the refrigerator freezer. If you have excess food then you can put it in the coolers and add few layers of ice cubes on it. If you still need more space for the food items then you can store it in the refrigerator itself.
– If you are planning to finish the house cleaning of your deep freezer in just one day then you can put all of the food items outside while you clean the deep freezer.
4. Turn off and unplug the deep freezer:
When house cleaning make sure that you take off and unplug your deep freezer from the power source. This will ensure your safety as well as help you to get rid of the ice too.
5. Open the freezer doors:
In this process you can even leave the doors of your deep freezer open so that the ice defrosts easily.
6. Prepare yourself for lots of water:
During the house cleaning process when you will unplug or open the doors of your deep freezer then the ice will melt and it will turn it into water which means it will create a huge mess. All you can do is put some towels on each shelves so that the water around the freezer soaks it.
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