How to Remove Pet Stains – House Cleaning Woodinville

You just love your pets and your carpets as well. But these both things can’t co-exist together. During the house cleaning process if you know how to get rid of pet stains and odors it means that you are skilled cat and dog owner.
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Here are few tips by house cleaning Woodinville that can be used to remove pet stains and odor from your carpets.
Washable items:
If your pet soils the bed sheets of your bed you need to cover the bed with the vinyl, flannel -backed tablecloth while you are holding on to it. It can be washed in the machine, inexpensive and it’s unattractive for your pet.
During the house cleaning process you need to add one pound box of baking soda with the regular detergent and then wash it as usual and then air dry it if possible. If you still notice the odor or smell the soiling then wash it again with the enzymatic cleaner. It will easy break the build up of pet-waste odor.
Carpet Areas and Upholstery:  (For wet stains)
– During the house cleaning process, you need to soak as much urine as possible from the carpet. You need to place thick layers of paper towels on the wet area and then cover it with the thick layer of newspapers. Stand on the padding for few minutes. To get results you should repeat this process until damp.
– When house cleaning, you can put fresh urine soaked paper towel in ‘’pet area’’ of your bathroom.
– Rinse the area with it with cold water and then bolt it dry.
For stains that are already set:
– During the house cleaning you can use the carpet cleaner to clean the stains.
– After that you can use the pet odor neutralizer when the area is clean.
– If the area still looks like it’s stained then you can carpet remover once it gets dry after extracting and neutralizing.
– When house cleaning make sure that you avoid using the steam cleaners on carpet to clean the urine odors, the heat will set the stain.
– Make sure that you avoid using the vinegar and ammonia as the strong chemical odors might encourage your pet to set the stain of urine permanently.
– If the urine gets dry under the carpet padding then you might even have to change the affected areas.
Wood damage:
When house cleaning, if the paint or color of your wood, furniture is damaged or if the paint has reacted to the acid of urine then you might have to remove the layer of paint. Just make sure the product is safe for pets.
Prevent accidents:
Once the area is properly clean make sure that the are is unattractive for your pet so that he doesn’t go back to the area again which you have cleaned. As long as the pet can smell his personal odor he will continue to go back again and again.
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