House Cleaning Bothell | How to Make Your Towels Soft

Towels is sort of an investment. If you are running a business then you need to have clean and fresh towels. For that you need to find different ways to prolong their life. Whether you go to gym, spa or any other place where the clients are coming from time to time, so, you have to keep your towels in good shape.
During the house cleaning process, when you wash your towels several times you see that it’s losing its fluffy look and the soft feel. If you wash them a few more times it won’t look the same as before. Now you feel it’s time to buy new towels? Can you avoid it?
Positive towel cleaning habits can be practiced on the regular basis when the towels arrive at your house or business. From the very first washing you need to maintain it for a long period of time. It’s not that difficult to keep your towels in soft and fluffy shape. All you need to do is follow tips by house cleaning bothell.
When house cleaning you need to make sure that all of the towels don’t require the same temperature settings to be washed. It can have huge impact on your towels color, softness, and even how long they will last. When house cleaning read the care label and the instructions are written on it regarding the temperature. When house cleaning, the hotter the water it will more clean as it kills the bacteria as well. For white towels use hot water settings and if you have colored towels then use warm water as hot water will fade the colors.
How to protect against fading?When house cleaning bright color towels then you need to follow few steps:
– During house cleaning you need to use color safe bleach to keep your towels in good condition and keep their original color but you can also use it on colored towels as well.
– Once you are done washing try to spray the towels with herbal infused baking soda which gives it extra cleaning smell.
– When house cleaning you can even tuck soap or a potpourri in the towel when they are freshly folded in your closet it will leave behind a fresh scent in the towel fabric.
Prolonging life of towels:
You might have basic tools to clean your towels but you should keep few more things in your mind. Some of your routine habits might cause damage to towels.
– Everytime you use the towel make sure you lay it flat after using to let it dry. This will stop mildew build up.
– You might think that washing towels will make them wear out fast but its not true. Wash your towels after ever 3-4 days. This will kill the bacteria.
– If you are using too much detergent then your towels will be stiff. Most of the time the towels are not dirty unless its soiled. So wash them normally.
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