House Cleaning Kenmore | The Best Way to Clean the Stainless Steel

Stainless steel give a very sleek and modern look to your kitchen during house cleaning. It has a very smooth and matte finish that gives it a sleek and expensive appearance during the house cleaning process and it has a non-porous surface that is resistant to bacteria and germs.
Another reason the stainless steel appliances are popular are because of anti rust despite the fact that there is a lot of wear and tear, this makes it the obvious choice for most of the kitchens. This doesn’t mean that rust, stains or damage never happens. If you start using the abrasive tools like steel wool, bleach solution that will harm the protective firm layer of your stainless steel appliances and if it gets the scratch then rust will develop on the affected area of your appliance during the house cleaning process.
If you are worried about maintaining the shiny appearance of your stainless steel appliances, don’t worry, it just requires few house cleaning steps which you need to follow by house cleaning Kenmore to keep it clean!
Use plain water:
First thing you need to do is to use the plain water. This is the cheapest method that can be used to clean the refrigerator but if you have got stubborn and fingerprints on your stainless steel appliances then you have to do a bit of extra rubbing. Add few drops of dishwashing soap in the water solution and use a dry cloth to clean the stains but if you are using the soap then you will have to rinse it off the surface with hot water and dry it with the paper towel. Make sure that you dry it as soon as possible because it can leave streak marks behind.
Clean with Oil:
When house cleaning,  you can use any vegetable oil which includes the olive oil and baby oil as well. Clean the stainless steel appliances just by dipping a dry cloth in the oil and then follow the direction of the grain and wipe it in that particular direction to make your stainless steel appliances give a shiny and glossy look.   
Try white vinegar and water on your appliance:
When house cleaning, you need to mix both vinegar and water to make a solution. The first step is to take a spray bottle and then add 3 parts of the white vinegar and 1 part of water in the bottle, shake it to mix. After that spray it on the stainless steel appliances and wipe it down with the dry cloth or paper towel in the direction of the grain. Vinegar is an excellent solution to cut through tough stains and fingerprints.
Use commercial cleaners:
When house cleaning, make sure that you don’t use abrasive commercial cleaners that might damage your stainless steel appliances. Before you choose to use the commercial cleaners on your stainless steel make sure that you go through the manufacturer’s manual.
If you need any help with house organization and house cleaning get in touch with your local house cleaning kenmore experts.