Careful Tips to Clean Your Gym Shoes – House Cleaning Kenmore

A good pair of comfortable, athletic gym shoes can be expensive and if used at their full potential they are going to get dirty in no time. During the house cleaning process you need to be careful when cleaning your shoes because proper are and good cleaning can restore them back in the original shape and might save your money as well. Throwing them in the washing machine is not going to clean them properly. You need to wash them with hands during the house cleaning process.
Follow tips by house cleaning kenmore:
For Spot Cleaning:
During the house cleaning process you can use a magic eraser that is one of the most affordable way to keep your gym shoe spotless. If you have got stains, marks or scuffs on your shoes quickly scrub with the magic eraser to prevent permanent stains.  
Cleaning Wipes:
Just like baby wipes, cleaning wipes will perform the same function when you need to clean your sneakers. Using the cleaning wipes is super easy, quick and instant, you are likely to have some on your hand. When house cleaning, you can also create your own cleaning wipes to travel with.  
2. For a Deep Clean:
When house cleaning you need to have dishwashing soap, water and toothbrush. In this process when you plan to deep clean your sneakers, use dishwashing soap and water. You can utilise this method by washing the shoes under the warm water and then dabbing the toothbrush in the water solution and dishwashing soap. You can directly use the toothbrush as well to eliminate the dirt and debris that has been stuck on your gym shoes. Rinse them again when you are done and let them get dry.  
White Vinegar:
All you need to do during the house cleaning process is that use a toothbrush soaked in white vinegar for hard to clean areas or you can simply dip the paper towel in the vinegar solution and then apply it on your shoes.
3. For Smelly Shoes
All of us sweat during the workout but sometimes the odor get stuck in our shoes and no one wants a whiff of that. Sometimes the smell is not because of bodily odor but it can be something that may have stuck on your shoes, so take a closer look to figure it out what’s causing the smell. If you notice something outside of the shoes then you can use one of the methods mentioned above but if you notice something from the inside them try other methods.
Resealable Bag + Freezer:
During the house cleaning process, the quick method to get rid of smell from your shoes is that you need to put your shoes in the resealable bag and then put it in the freezer for one night/ overnight and Next morning it’s going to smell fresh.
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