House Cleaning Lake Forest Park – How to Clean Painted Walls

The first thing your guests are going to notice in your house is the painted walls. Beautifully colored walls are going to add beauty in the entire house. No matter how well you paint your walls your walls are still going to look untidy and filled with the stain marks during the house cleaning process.
If you have got naughty kids in your house then the walls is their favourite canvas. Despite all of this you have to keep your walls clean. And if you are wondering how can you keep your painted walls clean then follow the tips of House Cleaning Lake Forest Park for house cleaning. For removing crayon stains from walls, click here.
Before you start cleaning your walls make sure that during the house cleaning you have got all of the essential stuff that is needed to clean the painted walls from sponges to cloths to dust mops, so, that it won’t scratch the paint from your walls.
Dust before You Clean:
When house cleaning, the first thing you need to do is dust off the excess dirt from your walls, other wise you are going to spread the grime. You can use a lint-free cloth to remove to those areas where you can reach easily and use a soft broom with a rag over the bristles for the high end areas.
Wash the walls with a Gentle detergent:
When house cleaning, grab a bucket then add warm water and detergent to create a soapy solution. After that you should use the soft sponge to apply the solution on the walls. Make sure that you don’t over soak the sponge. If you do it then try to wring it before you start cleaning the walls otherwise it will leave marks on your walls. Let it sit for 10 minutes at least.
Rinse off the Detergent:
In this house cleaning process take a second bowl and add some clean water in it to rinse off the soapy solution from the walls after five minutes when you apply it.
Use White Vinegar:
If you need something strong to remove the stubborn stains from the painted walls then you can use the white vinegar solution in the house cleaning process. All you need to do is simply mix a cup of vinegar in the bucket full of water and use the soft sponge to remove the stains. Don’t rinse it once you are done.
Don’t clean your Painted Walls with Alcohol or Chemicals:
When house cleaning, make sure that you don’t use any harmful chemicals or alcohol on your painted walls as they can break down your painted surface of the walls and leave your walls in a more mess than before than when you started it to clean. If you are unsure about the detergent then try to use it in a inconspicuous area before using it somewhere else.
Most of us are usually busy in the office work and don’t get enough time for house organization, so, if you need any help with the house cleaning call your local house cleaning Lake Forest Park experts.