Tips How to Bring Back Glossy and Shiny Stainless Steel Appliances

Anyone who has got a kitchen full of stainless steel appliances know that they need to clean it on regular basis in order to give it a spot-free look during the house cleaning process. Stainless steel appliances are susceptible to fingerprints, scratches and the smudges but seeing that glossy and shiny look is worth it.
The first thing you need to do during the house cleaning process is that dust off the stainless steel with the rag or microfiber cloth then apply a bit of your stainless steel cleaner to wipe down the the to restore it in its original shape.
Follow few more tips by house cleaning kirkland that can be used to clean the stainless steel appliances during the house cleaning process.
Water and detergent:
During the house cleaning process you can use the regular detergent combined with water that can be a good option for everyday cleaning stainless steel appliances. You need to grab a soft microfiber cloth to polish the stainless steel once you are done using the water and detergent mix solution.
Things you need?
– Dishwashing detergent
– Water
What to do:
You need to combine detergent and warm water in order to form a mixture and then wipe the surface of the stainless steel appliance in circular motion. After that you need to use a glass cloth and polish it in the direction of grain.
During the house cleaning process, you need to dab the ammonia on the microfiber cloth and then wipe it in the circular motion to remove the fingerprints from the stainless steel appliances.
Olive Oil:
If you want to clean your stainless steel appliances during the house cleaning process to give it a shiny and glossy look then take a microfiber cloth and add few drops of oil and start polishing the stainless steel to remove the watermarks. It leaves residue behind that can be removed by using the vinegar solution to give a nicer finish.
Baking Soda:
To remove the marks and grime from the stainless steel you need to use baking soda during the house cleaning process. All you need to do is make a paste of baking soda by adding small amount of water and then use a sponge in circular motion to work on the sink or pans. Rinse it with the water and wipe it with the microfiber cloth.
To polish your stainless steel appliances vinegar is a great option to choose for house cleaning. Vinegar has a strong odor but it doesn’t leave behind any lasting smell. If you use it to clean your sink then it has another added benefit that it will clear your drains as well.
Things you need?
– Vinegar
– Microfiber cloth
What to do:
The first thing you need to do is that identify the grain on your stainless steel appliance and after that dap the microfiber cloth in the vinegar solution and wipe the grain.
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