House Cleaning Kenmore – How to Minimize the Risk of Flu

If you don’t do proper house cleaning and take early precautions to prevent the risk of flu then there are high chances that you are going to catch it. Flu can be very dangerous especially if you are having asthma, heart disease or diabetes.
Here are some of the tips shared by house cleaning kenmore that can help you to not get sick in the flu season during the house cleaning.

Get vaccinated:

During the house cleaning, make sure that you take all of your flu related vaccination as soon as you can. The most ideal time is fall but if you missed it then you can even take it in the winter season as well.
The vaccine is designed to protect you against the flu stains as the health experts believe will be spread all over the people every season the example of it is H1N1  that is swine flu. When house cleaning, most of the vaccines work against the three flu strains and you might have heard about the trivalent.

Know the vaccine types:

Flu shot:
The flu shot normally contains the dead virus, this is approved for people who are  six months or older that goes straight in your muscles. Another one can go direct in your skin at the top that is available for people aged 18 -64.
The nasal spray:
For house cleaning, this vaccine is recommended to those who are between the age of 2 and 49. People who are healthy and those who are not allergic to the flu vaccine not pregnant as well.

Egg-free vaccine:

When house cleaning, this vaccine is for those who are having the age between 18-49 who have got severe egg allergies. If you have got an allergy that is severe then you should contact the doctor who can treat the allergic reactions either at the doctors clinic or at the hospital. Many children who are facing egg allergies face the complications of flu, so it’s very important to give them a flu shot.

Build a germ barrier:

During the house cleaning process, you should create a germ barrier because it’s always easy to catch flu from the sick person who is nearby especially the one who is suffering from the flu, cough. They spread the bacterial droplets in the air when they cough and you can catch them easily. The germs can also linger on the table, desks, doorknobs and the faucets for up to 8 hours.
When you get in contact with any of the germy surface there are high chances to catch the germs. So, make sure you clean the surface during the house cleaning and if there is a sick person in your house you should assign them a sick room for the time being. Also make sure that the stuff of sick person is not being used by you like towels, spoons or blankets. Separate them during the house cleaning.
If you need assistance with house organization then call you local house cleaning Kenmore experts.

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