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House Cleaning Services in Bothell, WA

By employing a home cleaning service in your home or business you create a safe and healthy environment, reduce your exposure to contaminants and viruses, and create a positive ambiance for your home and space. We also offer commercial cleaning services to Bothell and nearby areas.

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House Cleaning Services in Bothell

At Four Seasons Cleaning, we are your experts in deep cleaning. We serve individuals and businesses in Bothell with cleaning services by cleaning and sanitizing your home to a professional standard and taking care of tasks you don’t have time to manage. Our house cleaning service, cleaning methods, and cleaning products are top quality. And we always take precautions to keep our clients and our workers safe by upholding the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

You can trust each of our experienced house cleaners to provide prompt, thorough, and professional services that will meet the highest standards of excellence.

Do you have a bathroom that needs tidying? A fridge that needs a thorough deep cleaning? Or do you find yourself running out of time for basic household chores like sweeping and taking out the trash? If you find you simply don’t have the time for cleaning, leave it up to us to remove that worry from your to-do list.

From vacuuming to removing cobwebs to deep-cleaning appliances, we offer many different maid and cleaning services to suit the cleaning needs of Bothell residents. Give us a call and get your free on-site estimate today!

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For a complete list of the cleaning services we offer, take a look at our checklist!

Trustworthy House Cleaning Services in Bothell

We are a family-owned business with strong core values, which is why we go above and beyond for each client we serve. Expect a range of valuable services and only the best outcome from us when you need high-quality maid and home cleaning services in Bothell.

You can trust that each of our cleaning professionals are experienced, friendly, and hardworking. And we provide clear communication, making it easy to stay in touch with your house cleaner and make each interaction as satisfactory and easy for our clients and customers as possible.

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If you’re in need of a cleaning company with excellent service and a team of experts who always does a wonderful job with each home or space they clean then look no further.

Four Seasons Cleaning is a family-owned business. We are one of the most reliable house cleaning companies in Seattle and Eastside Washington, having served the areas for over 25 years. We perform an extensive background check for each of our employees and maids. They must also complete a training program prior to starting. When accidents happen (and they do), we are insured and bonded protecting you from loss and/or breakage.

Outside windows, ironing, laundering, carpet cleaning, and screen cleaning.

Four Seasons Cleaning crews clean homes Monday to Friday between 7:30 – 5:00 pm, and Saturday from 8-4 PM

Four Seasons Cleaning crews clean offices after hours.

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You can choose whether to receive a one-time Bothell house cleaning as well as weekly or monthly cleaning services, and we offer competitive discounted pricing if you schedule more than a single cleaning.