House Deep Cleaning Service



House Deep Cleaning

When standard cleaning isn’t enough, it’s time to get serious. Perhaps it’s been a long time since you’ve had the opportunity to clean your home correctly. Alternatively, you may want us to go clean your house before or after a party. Or, it’s just about spring cleaning your property to give it a new lease on life. You might, however, be one of the all-too-rare people who want the house they’re selling cleaned before the new tenants move in.

Whatever the reason, Four Seasons Cleaning offers the most effective deep cleaning service. We have a professional team of cleaners ready to work who genuinely understand what a deep clean entails, which is why you should choose our experienced deep cleanup list.

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What Does A House Deep Clean
Service Include?

A clean home is ahealthy home. Dust, germs, viruses, spores, and mold tend to lodge into the cracks of the house over time, regardless of how regularly you clean it. Scheduling a thorough deep cleaning is required to give and get the complete removal of all unwanted and maybe hazardous species from your property. Four Seasons Cleaning’s high-quality cleaning service focuses on keeping homes healthy and clean, and the thorough clean removes all unpleasant residue that has formed over time. Our deep cleaning service includes:

  • Deep cleaning of all the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  • Thorough dusting of every surface.
  • Cleaning of every mirror, glass door, or window until they sparkle.
  • Vacuuming of floors, drapes, rugs, and all drawers’ inside, as well as shelving.
  • Scrubbing and sanitizing every single area in the bathroom.
    Wet mopping of all bare floors.
  • Cleaning of kitchen sinks, microwaves, countertops, fridges, ovens, vents (inside & out), and other fragile household appliances.
  • Wiping of outlets, baseboards, and other light fixtures.
  • The elimination of cobwebs that are in or out-of-sight, as well as hard-to-reach spaces, such as corners.

Difference Between Deep Cleaningand General House Cleaning

Regular cleanings aid in maintaining a standard level of cleanliness in your home, such as the cleaning of bathrooms, including the toilet, bath, mirror, and sink. On the other hand, deep cleaning involves removing the deep dirt and grime in your home through a thorough cleaning service. It will clean the areas that a standard cleaning service does not typically clean.

Advantages Of a Deep Cleaning Service

When you first approach a cleaning service, you will almost certainly need to invest in deep cleaning. While a thorough cleaning might be more costly than a regular cleaning, a deep cleaning can be done every three or six months.

When hiring a home cleaning service for a deep clean, you can expect to receive the following services:

  • Remove scale and soap scum from taps, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, showerheads, and other surfaces.
  • Clean behind appliances like the oven and washing machine to remove the filth that accumulates over time.
  • Cleaning the inner windows of the house.
  • Cleaning the frames and doors of patio doors and windows.
  • Clean the inside of the oven and the glass door.

A deep cleaning, as you can see, is far more thorough than a standard cleaning service. This is the primary reason why hiring pros costs extra. Even so, every penny will be worth it.

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What Are The Benefits of A House Deep Clean By Four Seasons Cleaning?



Maria G came to clean for me last week. She was absolutely incredible. She cleaned every nook and cranny. I didn’t even know I had in the house. My Wood floors haven’t shined that much in a long time. I wish you could come every time.
Super happy with the cleaning service I've received. Definitely removes hours out of my life and helps me focus on other things. Thank you!
Very impressive. They cleaned more than I asked for and in less time than I hired them for. They used my stainless cleaner as requested. I was stunned they cleaned my embarrassingly messy laundry room and shoe rack. I saw they did detailed dusting work of bowls of shells. Bathroom is well disinfected and they got the rust stains out of the tub. What was also cool was that the garbage cans were cleaned as well as emptied. They moved light furniture while vacuuming and cleaned our couch cushions. The supervisor came by to inspect, too.
Bekki is best custodian we have had yet! We have been through well over a dozen different employees from 4 Seasons in 2 years cleaning our business and Bekki blows them all away!! Professional, on time, consistent, great communication, and a pleasure to work with!
Fabulous cleaning services, the best I've used in the Seattle area. Consistent in timing and cleaning, friendly, and great value for the cost. They are thoughtful and careful too. Highly recommend!
We love Four Seasons House Cleaning Service, great detail oriented staff, trust worthy and always friendly. Thank You Maria, Bekki and all the others we very much enjoying your support.
We have been very satisfied with Four Seasons Cleaning over the last two years. The company is responsive and flexible, and the price is very reasonable, especially given the great level of service and detail they give our house. Betty and Maria continue to do a stellar job and continue to surprise us with the level of care and detail they give our home. Highly recommended!!
Awesome cleaning by Deborah and team. I have been a customer with 4 seasons for a year now. Thanks to four seasons Bothell for always being accommodative, on time and a wonderful cleaning service
I received a recommendation from a friend and I was not disappointed. I got a deep clean before my extended family all arrived for the holiday, and my house looks so nice! Debora and Hailva (apologies if my spelling is bad) took so much care in every room. They were able to get things off my stove top that I assumed were permanent. It looks so clean, I may not let my kids back in the house.
I've used Four Seasons Professional cleaning since 2007.I have very high standards and I expect my house to be perfectly cleaned.Four Seasons does a perfect job for me every time.In addition, the house cleaners are friendly, warm and respectful.They work extremely hard.They are also very responsive in their office responding to emails for schedule changes as well.I highly recommend them!
Yezenia and Silvana are such a pleasure to see and do such perfect, spotless work. We feel so fortunate to have found them and Four Seasons as a company. They are very reliable, trustworthy, quiet, respectful and very kind. Highly recommend.
It is the best cleaning company I have met in Washington state.
I used their service for a move out deep clean. I was very satisfied and I think they did amazing and were very responsive 🙂 I would definitely use their service again 🙂
4 Seasons has been cleaning my business for several months now and they do a wonderful job. The staff are professional, prompt, and do a very thorough job.
The ladies are prompt, and do a thorough job of the basics as well as any extra attention areas that we requested. We are pleased with the service and find it to be well worth the price they charge.
Carmen and Rosanna (sp) did a wonderful job. They arrived on time, were thorough and were able to finish on time. All in all a good experience.
No cleaning service is perfect. But I’ve tried several and always come back to Four Seasons. I’m especially appreciative of their extra efforts to protect workers’ and clients’ health during the pandemic. I’m grateful for their services and would recommend them to others.
They cleaned our rental home after we moved out and did an exceptional job for us. They showed up on time, had all the supplies and equipment they needed and did a great job getting the house back into shape. I will be happy to use them again and to recommend them to my friends. Thanks for an excellent job!
The cleaning of the house was stainless and complete. All the workers did an amazing job. Well worth my every penny. Very grateful for the service offered!
This is one of the best cleaning services. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would! I am very picky when it comes to cleaning. They are so detail-oriented! I am extremely happy with their services and will recommend them to my family and friends. Thanks for the great job!
They were available to clean at last minute for me and did a fantastic job. Seriously such a great value for the price. I will definitely use them for all future cleaning needs.
I have been using this service for years and have always been satisfied. They have great prices, punctual, polite, efficient and work quickly. I recommend this company highly.
They went above and beyond! they cleaned every nook I could ever think of, their attention to detail is amazing. they are more than worth every penny! i will be going back for regular cleanings! Do your self a favor and have this amazing company clean your place for you!
So impressed with the attention to detail and professionalism of Four Seasons cleaning. I’ve used them for a standard cleaning many times and am always extremely satisfied with their work. Hardworking, efficient, prompt. Even my kids’ bookshelves and toys had been thoughtfully arranged. I highly recommend them!
We have worked with Four Seasons Professional Cleaning for almost two years. We are so impressed by their thoroughness and professionalism, as well as their attention to detail. We often have special circumstances and are very grateful for their understanding and flexibility. The team that cleans our home adheres strictly to COVID precautions allowing us to feel very safe having them come into our home during this time, even with a high risk member of our household. We highly recommend this company!


No matter how well you keep up with your housekeeping, even the cleanest homes eventually require deep cleaning. If you haven’t had the chance of cleaning your home in a while and aren’t sure if you need deep cleaning, here are some clues that your home could benefit from a deep cleaning service:

  • There are bad odors in your home.
  • You’re suffering from allergies, and they’re driving you insane.
  • Your carpet doesn’t smell good, and your floors are filthy.
  • Grime has encrusted your cabinets and doorknobs.
  • Mildew, mold, or soap scum has built up in your restrooms.
  • The dust has accumulated on your ceiling fans, and cobwebs have accumulated on your ceilings.
  • Your light fixtures are dusty, and your upholstery appears to be worn.

The price of a one-time/deep cleaning service varies depending on the size of your home and your cleaning requirements. We can guide you in determining the most cost-effective cleaning strategy. When preparing your quote, we take into account the following details:

  • Your home’s square footage.
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms are both crucial factors to consider.
  • The house’s current state.
  • The unique home appliances that you’d want to have cleaned.

Our cleaning firm employs the industry’s most complete deep cleaning method. The time it takes to deep clean a house varies depending on the house’s condition, its size, and other considerations. Even though every home is different, it usually takes between 2-4 hours. Whether you require a one-time or deep cleaning service for a studio, a multi-bedroom apartment, or a three-story house, our skilled cleaners will guarantee that your home is thoroughly cleaned.

A deep/one-time cleaning service goes beyond a regular cleaning and maid service every week. At Four Seasons Cleaning, we utilize expert cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products to make your home cleaner and fresher than any other cleaning service. Room by room, we wash, scrub, dust, and vacuum to make your home clean and healthy.

Maybe you’re too busy with work to clean your house, or you need some help getting rid of the dirt and grime that’s been accumulated; a deep/one-time cleaning service will help you get your house clean and back on track. We specialize in a thorough cleaning for health in both home and business settings.

A complete cleaning should be scheduled approximately every three to six months. Our one-time/thorough cleaning service will give you a fresh-clean house for your family and friends, whether you’re organizing a major event and want your home to smell fresh or it’s time for spring cleaning.

Have any doubts about deep cleaning plans? Please call us and let us know all your worries; we will work with you to find the best solution to your schedule, money, and needs. At Four Seasons Cleaning, we care about your wellness and peace of mind.

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