Homemade Carpet Cleaners – House Cleaning Lake City

There is no need to get expensive carpet cleaners to work well on your carpets. In fact you don’t have to buy them from the nearest grocery store because you can create your own homemade cleaners by using the items that are in your pantry for house cleaning. Follow few tips by house cleaning lake city to prepare your own homemade cleaners for house cleaning.
Items Required:

Baking Soda
Hydrogen Peroxide

Making the carpet cleaner and cleaning solutions:
During the house cleaning process all you need to do is mix the white vinegar and the baking soda to create a paste solution. After that you need to apply that paste solution on your carpet stain by suing your old toothbrush. Let the paste solution get dry and then use the vacuum up the baking soda, the stain will be gone.
If you have got tough stains for example wine or chocolate then you need to use hydrogen peroxide instead. When house cleaning you need to directly apply the hydrogen peroxide on the stain and let it sit for few minutes until it stops fizzing and then you need to dab the area with the clean dry cloth to clean the spot. For tougher stains  you may repeat this process.
If you want to make a cleaning solution for your steam cleaner then you need to fill your steam cleaning machine with the equal parts of the vinegar and warm water solution and then clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Why this works?
During the house cleaning process, the acetic acid solution in the vinegar dissolves the stains and also it neutralizers the odors, that is what you need to clean your carpets when house cleaning.
There are many different homemade carpet cleaner advantages. It’s inexpensive as well as:

Has no harsh chemicals
No synthetic fragrances that can irritate the allergies
Effective sanitizers
Effective Deodorizers
Effective stain remover
Safe to use
Safe to use around kids and pets

Tips and warning:
During the house cleaning make sure that you perform a small incompocious test before you start applying on your carpet. Some of the rugs may start bleeding when you wet them. It’s very important to test the colorfastness even if you have got a store bought chemical.
As with any cleaner you need to make sure that before you use them wear proper safety items like goggles and gloves as these contain harsh chemicals and might get in contact with your skin and you should never ingest the hydrogen peroxide. Make sure that you keep these items away from your kids and pet animals as well.  
Lastly, consult your manufacturer’s manual that came with your steam cleaner to make sure that if you use your own homemade cleaning solution then it will not void the warranty agreement.
For house organization you can get in touch with your local house cleaning Lake city experts.