House Cleaning Lake Forest Park: How Clean is Your Shower Curtain

Shower curtains perform two kind of functional roles in our bathrooms. First, they keep the water in its proper place and secondly they play a decorative role by establishing a stylish look in your bathroom during the house cleaning. Either you choose a plastic shower curtain or a luxury look shower curtain both of them are going to need the cleaning. Shower curtains are exposed to bath soaps, humidity, soap scum and lots of moisture as well that encourages the growth of mildew.
Follow tips by House Cleaning Lake Forest Park to learn more about how we can wash the fabric Vinyl or plastic shower curtains properly that can extend the life and durability as well as keep the bathroom environment healthier during house cleaning.
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How often should you wash your Shower curtains?
For house cleaning, it depends how well the air circulation is in your bathroom in order to prevent the mildew growth. A good rule is that you should wash it at least once a month or seasonally.
How to wash fabric shower curtains?
– Read the label
During the house cleaning process make sure that before you wash your fabric curtains read the manufacturer’s manual where you can read about the fabric content, washing technique, temperature instructions and the best drying temperature or even ironing tips as well.
– Take it down
You need to remove the curtains down to get the best cleaning results when you are house cleaning. When you will remove it from the shower rod, observe the rings or hooks need cleaning as well or not. Most of them can be wiped down by using a damp cloth to remove the dust and the soap scum.  
At this time you should also check if your shower curtains have any damage, rips or tears.
–  Wash it
During the house cleaning, most of the shower curtains are washed in warm water on permanent press cycle. When you use this cycle the final spin speed is going to get reduced and there will be less winkling. Use a good detergent to remove the build up of soap scum or body soil.
– Dry the curtains
When house cleaning, most of the times the shower curtains dry on the medium to low heat conditions. Try to remove the curtains when they are still slightly damp to avoid wrinkles. Hang the shower curtains and they wrinkles will go away with some time.
– Iron
If you have got heavy natural fiber shower curtains then they are going to need some touch up ironing to make the seams go away. You need to follow the instructions properly and select the temperature for the fabric type.
Once you are done with the iron hang your curtains back in the bathroom.
Most of the time we are busy with work and we find it difficult to organize our bathroom so there is no need to worry, contact your local house cleaning lake forest park experts now.  

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