House Cleaning Kenmore – How to Remove Pet Hair in Your Sofa

If you have got dogs or cats in your house then we all know pet hairs stick with the leather or fabric sofa just like the squirrel with the nut. Also, the furniture is so expensive that most of us get worried while using the tape on every inch of your leather sofa praying to god that everything goes well during the house cleaning process.
Here are few tips by House Cleaning Kenmore that are going to help you to clean your entire sofa set without getting it damaged during house cleaning.
When house cleaning you can use the lint rollers as they are the best tools available to remove the hairs, fluffs as well as the lint from the cloths. Though, most of the lint rollers have a very short life. When we use them for house cleaning they easily get damaged or become useless when we use them for cleaning pet hair. Most of the cat or dog breed like Siamese cats have very thick skin of fur hair that easily get stuck in your fabric sofa which is very hard to clean.
DIY Tape:
The DIY tape is the best solution in the emergency situations.

During the house cleaning process wrap a long stripe wide loose around the palm of your hand with the adhesive side out.
Then use a lint roller to remove the extra hair from the furniture.
Stick the tape on the fabric sofa to remove the hair as the glue won’t stick and leave any residue on the sofa set fabric.

Wet Cloth + Vacuum:
For house cleaning this method is best to clean the furniture but this option is not suitable for the delicate fabrics.

Take a dry cloth and make it wet to wipe the surface gently.
Collect the hair by using the soft brush and use vacuum to suck it.

Remove the Pet Hair with Rubber:

During the house cleaning process you can use rubber gloves to remove the short pet hair from any kind of fabric it can be garment or even carpet.
By cleaning the pet hairs with the rubber on tight woven fabric is a very difficult task.

Dry Cleaning Sponge:

During the house cleaning process all you need to do is grab a dry sponge and wipe down your sofa.
The denser sponge you will use the more easily it will be for you to pull the hair out of the fabric.
All you need to do is press hard.

Remove Pet Hair with the Portable Vacuum:

For house cleaning getting a portable small vacuum cleaner is always a smart idea.
Especially if you buy a wet dry vacuum cleaner that is quite handy and convenient to deal with the pet hairs.
Also you can clean the food spills on the carpets or your sofa fabric.

➤If you are busy and you are unable to maintain your upholstery that is covered with pet hair there is no need to worry as you can call your local House Cleaning Kenmore experts for house cleaning.

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