Washing clothes: Clean your delicate by following 4 simple steps – House Cleaning Kenmore

We all own a pair of clothes that have tons of detailing on it and if we by mistake put it in machine to wash it is going to rip it away. These are usually the most expensive articles in your wardrobe. You can’t risk it to damage them with one stupid move. So you usually wash them with hands, but we most certainly don’t know what material requires what sort of washing. House Cleaning Kenmore have a few steps that you can apply to clean your delicate with ease.
Read the Label:
When house cleaning, some delicate products will have very specific hand washing instructions, including the type of detergent and the temperature of the water to be used. If your delicate items have care instruction labels, follow the instructions word by word so you don’t accidentally damage your favorite clothes. For clothes without labels, the general rule is to use a very mild detergent or dishwashing liquid. You should also wash these clothes by hand in cold water or with room temperature water. During house cleaning a professional advice is that the brightly colored items, such as dyed silk garments, can bleed when washed. For this reason, you should keep them separate when you wash them all separately. Also, try to keep the washing to a minimum so that the colors do not fade.
Washing process:
When house cleaning a delicate clothing fill a clogged sink or small bowl with water. You will add about a teaspoon of detergent to measure. Feel free to add a little more if you think you don’t have enough. Put your delicate in the soapy water and gently turn them with your hands for about two minutes. During house cleaning keep in mind that while washing clothes by hand, it is important not to rub, twist or stack. It could damage the fabric. After all, these garments are called delicate garments for a reason.
Rinsing the clothes:
When house cleaning, fill a second bucket or clogged sink with clean water, or drain the first container and fill it with fresh water. This should have the same temperature as the water used to wash clothes by hand. Dip the clothes in and out of this water until the soap has been thoroughly rinsed. During house cleaning it may be necessary to repeat several times to make sure that all the detergent has been removed from the delicate products.
Drying process:
When house cleaning, remove your delicate from the sink and gently squeeze the water out of the fabric. Make sure you do not twist the items, as this may tear or damage delicate materials such as silk. Then dry as much water as possible by placing the clothes on a clean, lint-free towel. It is necessary to gently press the garments so that the towel absorbs the liquids they contain. Then either place them on dryer racks or place them on flat place on a dry towel flipping sides to let it dry.  
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