Tips for cleaning hard to reach places in your house

When it comes to cleaning the house there are certain places around the house that are hard to reach and just because of this reason we don’t like to clean these places and neither do we like to put in much of an effort. This is the reason some of the places and overlooked and with time gunk, dust builds up in these spaces. It will be of immense satisfaction when you have finally cleaned the area you have been neglecting from ages just because you couldn’t reach out to it for cleaning. House Cleaning Kenmore have a solution on how you can clean up these hard to reach spaces and clean them.
1. Ceiling fan
When house cleaning the cleaning of the ceiling fan is considered a very difficult task, as it is always hard to clean the ceiling fan. Even though the easy method of cleaning the ceiling fan is that you use a pillow case. But for that too you need to drag a ladder to stand on. During house cleaning you can buy a curved duster that is perfect for cleaning the ceiling fan, this fits perfectly on the blades of the fan and all the dust and other particles will stick to it and make less of a mess while cleaning.   
2. Blinds
When house cleaning, cleaning the blinds is quite irritating too. For an easy method you can use the tongs and wrap a cloth around both sides and then slide it through the blinds and all the blinds will be cleaned easily. 
3. Keyboard
When house cleaning you can find crumbs of food and other dust particles stuck in the keyboard and it is near to impossible to clean the keyboard properly by getting each piece out. During house cleaning you can opt for turning the sticky note on the opposite side, so that the adhesive side is outwards then run it through the keyboard this will stick all the crumbs and dust to the paper and give you a clean keyboard in no time.
4.  Window frames
When house cleaning another difficult task is cleaning the window frames. This is one of the most difficult places to clean around. For this you can take the help of a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner can be used to suck out all the dust from the window frames and have a clean dust frame in no time.
5. Hard water Stains
When house cleaning, the removal of the hard water minerals from the faucets head is the most difficult task. Obviously no one likes a clogged faucet as it affects the water pressure. For this you need to take the vinegar in a zip lock enough that it soaks your faucet head. They tie it with a rubber band and let it sit overnight. In the morning you will find that the mineral deposits have been removed. 
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