How to buy the best vacuum cleaner?

Cleaning around the house is considered as one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks. It can be made easy and less time consuming if you use a vacuum cleaner as it not only cleans well but also makes the most of the work done too in less time also all the dirt gets trapped in the vacuum so you don’t have to clean up the whole house for that purpose. But then comes choosing a vacuum cleaner which not only does the work but also can be used in multiple ways.

House Cleaning Woodinville has some tips on choosing a vacuum cleaner.

Bare floors

If your house is full of hardwood and tile still needs a vacuum, and a versatile canister may be the best option. During house cleaning, with its many accessories you can more easily get into corners and other tight spaces. If you prefer a vertical position, choose one that allows you to turn off the roller.

Wall to wall carpeting

A canister with motorized electric head attachment is ideal for carpets, but if you have a lot of space to cover, you will probably prefer the ease of a vertical position. During house cleaning, look for a height-adjustable brush roller to improve cleanliness and pass the various heights. Some models also have dirt sensors, good for making sure you have received the latest grime without much additional modification.


A vacuum with a long tube and accessories to get in and around the railings is a smart choice. When house cleaning, if you just want a vacuum cleaner for the whole house, a bulky container that you will have to drag between floors may not be your cup of tea. Choose a light vertical stand like your single machine or buy a second cheaper model for cleaning the stairs.

More than floors

When house cleaning, a vacuum cleaner is a super versatile cleaning tool, so be sure to consider accessories. In addition to the standard tool, dust brush and upholstery brush, many models have accessories specially designed to clean mattresses, remove pet hair and even remove dust from ceiling fans and the top of the shelves. Variable suction is also useful for cleaning delicate objects such as transparent curtains and small rugs without damaging them. Look for models with extra long cables to further extend your reach.

If you really hate vacuuming

When house cleaning, go hands-free with a robotic vacuum. Some robot vacuum cleaners and wet cleaners, but all in all, are expensive and not super powerful, so they won’t replace your regular vacuum cleaner.
If you are still unable to decide which vacuum cleaner should you purchase then you should immediately get in touch with your local House Cleaning Woodinville experts who are ready to help you out or book an appointment.