Best Kitchen Organizing Ideas: Making it Kid-Friendly

The school is closed for the summer, which means the kids will be home all day. With all the extra energy they will spend during pool time and other activities, you can bet that they will surely be hungry.For some parents, this can be problematic because they don’t have time to stop and snack all day or are at work.

At the same time, they don’t want to resort to unhealthy snacks to go.Good news. House Cleaning Kirkland has some solutions for you.


When house cleaning, younger children will not understand that healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables, should be washed before eating. Also, they won’t be able to cut their food into small pieces or know what the right serving size is. Here are some ways to fix it:

During house cleaning, wash all products as soon as you take them home. Peel and cut fruit, vegetables and even cheeses in sizes suitable for children’s snacks. Squeeze lemon juice into apple slices to avoid browning.

When house cleaning, divide parts of snacks like popcorn, nut mix or crackers and put them in a small bowl. 

When house cleaning store children’s snacks on a specific shelf in the pantry. Make sure it’s easy to reach.

Give each child a color, then color-coding the snack containers with a lid or sticker. You can also make it fun by swapping colors with animals or superheroes. This tip ensures that everyone gets their fair share and is also given to keep snacks separate if a child has food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Storage ideas 

When house cleaning, plastic bags may be convenient, but they don’t fit everyone’s lifestyle. There are a variety of more sustainable ways to store snacks for kids:

Go for waxed paper bags.

Create your reusable wraps with beeswax, resin and cotton fabric. 

Stock up on small reusable glass or plastic containers to store food.

Use small glass jars to organize children’s snacks.

Refrigerator Storage 

During house cleaning, there are many times when we  come home and find that the children ate the cheese you needed to prepare dinner. Or maybe they were in a bad mood because they couldn’t find their snacks in the fridge. When house cleaning, the following can help you avoid anger and a lack of food ingredients.

Know how to properly organize a refrigerator.

Lids with color code, just like you did with the snacks stored in the pantry.

Store children’s snacks in specific baskets in the refrigerator. Make sure they understand that adults’ permission is required to eat snacks from the baskets.

Store snacks on a shelf low enough for younger children to reach.


If you are still not satisfied with the refrigerator and pantry organizing tips above then you can get in touch with your local House Cleaning Kirkland experts who are always ready to help you out in every situation. Please give House Cleaning Kirkland a call for booking an appointment.

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