House Cleaning Kirkland – How to Clean Painted Walls

Cleaning your walls on the regular basis will help you to scrub less and repair the surfaces when you decide to paint next time. No matter what kind of paint you might be having on your walls, it can be oil based paint or water based paint. The only way you can extend the life of your paint is to clean the painted wall during the house cleaning. To do that you need to follow few tips that are shared by House Cleaning Kirkland.
1. Dust your walls:
When house cleaning, you might not notice any dirt on the walls but in reality it contains dirt. Wiping and vacuuming your walls is the only way to restore the paint in the original condition. You can use electrostatic dust wipes in order to clean the dust from the walls, cobwebs, and lose the dirt. Dust mixed with water can leave marks on your walls that will make your task harder. Dust your walls even if you are planning to wash them.
2. Clean fingertips:
When house cleaning, remove the fingertips from your walls you need to use mild detergent solution and a non-abrasive pad. For fingertips that won’t come off easily, apply a mixture made up of baking soda and 1 gallon of water.
3. Eliminate grease and oil stains:
When house cleaning, grease and oil stains are very difficult to remove but not impossible. The key to remove these types of stains is to find a product that can unblock the grease.  
4. Get rid of mold:
When house cleaning, you can get rid of mold to prevent future insects when you clean the painted walls. It’s always best to start with a natural product. You need to mix one cup of vinegar and one cup of borax along with one gallon of water and then apply the solution on the affected areas and wait for few days to see if the mold returns. If it does return then you need to wash your walls with bleach and water.
5. Remove water stains and marks:
When house cleaning to remove the water stains you need to add 1 gallon of water with ammonia and quarter cup of vinegar along with borax in a container. Test the solution in a hidden spot before you actually use it, if there is no reaction then use it on stained areas.
6. Remove crayon marks:
When you are cleaning the walls, one way to remove the crayon marks from the wall is to dip the cloth with a lighter fluid or mineral spirits. If that does not work for you then you can use magic eraser solution that is mentioned above.
7. Rinse:
Once you are done washing your walls rinse them with clear water. Do it more often to avoid walls getting dirty.
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