Proper Way to Clean Window AC | House Cleaning Lake Forest Park

Keeping your room Air condition unit clean helps it to work efficiently. Follow the steps by House Cleaning Lake Forest Park below to give your air conditioner a thorough house cleaning.
Steps to Clean the Window AC:

During the house cleaning process you should unplug the ac adaptor.
When house cleaning you should remove the front panel by unscrewing it or by popping it off but this depends how your ac unit is installed.
During the house cleaning you should take out the filter and try to replace it if it is replaceable then you should replace it. You can also wash the filter if it can be washed easily by adding some dish soap and adding warm water to create a solution. If you are unable to clean the filter then you can use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt.
When house cleaning you can use a vacuum hose or attachment to vacuum the surface.
Allow the filter to dry completely after you wash it during the house cleaning,
If the metal fins are bent then you can use the fin comb and straighten it up. You can purchase them from the nearest appliance store.
You need to remove outside unit and brush the dirt from the exterior of the unit of your Ac or the grill as well as you need to clean the leaves or debris that has fallen on the unit.
If you can reach for the metal blades during the house cleaning then you should clean it.
During the house cleaning process, you should clean the drain pan and the drain tubes that are free of debris. If they are being clogged then you can use a wire to remove the dirt or debris.
Some of the Ac units fit in the casing that holds open the window. If you get the Ac unit then remove the unit at least once or twice a year. Also, you should clean the leaves and the debris that is stuck in the casing.

Additional tips that can be used to clean a window AC during the house cleaning.

Make sure that you clean your Ac unit filters in the spring and each month when the Ac is being used by you.
During the house cleaning process make sure that you don’t clean the coils with any chemicals or anything other than the water.
Make sure that you stay careful when you are cleaning the coils during the house cleaning process as they can be easily bent and get out of shape.
Lastly, the older units may need to be oiled. Make sure that you go through the user manual to see if your Ac unit needs the oiled annually. If you have got no book then you can contact the company.

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➤If you need help with house organization and to clean your Ac you can contact your local House Cleaning Lake Forest Park experts.