Finally, The Right Way to Clean Your Exercise Shoes

In fashion world the obsession with white-soled sneakers is growing day by day among the young generation, just forget about the people who are doing exercise. During the house cleaning process the first main issue we need to tackle is that how do we clean the white sole exercise shoes in a perfect condition? For this you need to think outside the box otherwise you are going to commit a fashion faux pas. Even if you are using your shoes for working out or exercise then you still want them to look just like new.
So, here are a few tips by house cleaning bothell to clean your running shoes and keep those white soles looking while during the house cleaning.  
Cleaning White Running Shoes:
When house cleaning you need to use a dry brush (Old toothbrush or a nylon bristle nail brush) to get rid of dirt. There is no need to remove the extra dirt, save your energy for other stuff. One you have done it then move to the next step and create a paste.
– Baking Soda
– Laundry detergent
Now mix both of these things together and then apply it on the sole with cleaning brush and scrub it well until it looks clean. In the end take a sponge, dip it in the water and wipe the soapy area just to ensure that all of the residue is gone. After that you can take a microfiber cloth to dry the shoes. If you are planning to use the magic eraser in this house cleaning process then make sure you try it on an inconspicuous area as it may damage your shoes as well.
For Quick Cleaning:
When house cleaning make sure that you keep a white eraser in your bag. You can easily get this from the craft store. Just rub the eraser on the dirty areas of the shoes and flow away the shavings.
For details on how to keep your sneakers spotless, click here.
Never Have Smelly Shoes Again:
When house cleaning you need to follow a few steps to keep your shoes smell free. First, wear your socks always. The bare feet is the perfect recipe for the smelly shoes of yours. The bacteria and germs are always hidden at the tight spots of your shoes. The socks act like an absorbent between your foot and sock liners. If you sweat  too much then before you tie the laces of your shoes just sprinkle some powder. Like this your foot will be dry and less chances of odor as well.
What not to do:
When house cleaning make sure you don’t wash your running shoes in the washing machine as soaking your shoes in the water can damage the fabric.
– Secondly, don’t use bleach on your shoes just stick with the normal cleaning solution tips.
– When house cleaning just don’t dry your running shoes in dryer as it may damage the shoes shape.
For more house cleaning tips call your local house cleaning Bothell experts.