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You might be living in the hard water area but you aren’t sure about it. In this case, you are not alone. During the house cleaning the difference between hard water and plain water aren’t known exactly. Luckily, we know how can you keep your laundry safe from the hard water.
So if you are fed up with the hard water stains, scratchy sheets and the detergents that won’t lather. Follow few steps by house cleaning kenmore to clean the hard water stains when you are house cleaning.
What is hard water and how do you get hard water stains?
During the house cleaning process, the hard water contains large amount of minerals picked up from the rocks when it flows towards our home. It might have a distinctive taste if the level of minerals are high but it’s completely safe to drink.
If this is the case then why should you worry if you are living in a hard water area? As the water evaporates itself it leaves behind the small white yellow deposits known as limescale. If you have been living in the hard water area then you can easily find it at the bottom of your kettle or washing machine during the house cleaning process.
How to Remove Hard Water Stains on Clothes?
When house cleaning, how can you remove the hard water stains from your clothes? It’s easy but you need to follow few tips of hard water laundry in order to get the best laundry results.
– First, you need to use a reliable laundry detergent. Whether it’s bio or non bio. All of the OMO detergents work best in both hard and soft water.
– You need to find the right dose for your laundry. Most of the times people who live in the hard water area need to add extra detergent in hard water than those who are using the soft water.
– When house cleaning you should investigate the water softeners. They usually come in both tablet and liquid form which you have to put in the detergent slot before you add the detergent. Like this you can prevent the water stains to get on your cloths and hard water deposits in washing machine.
– You can consider to install a water filter but it will cost you money but it will limit the water minerals from coming in your house. Limescale will also build up in your washing machine at the bottom, so, it’s worth buying it.
What about the hard water stains that already exist on the clothes? Follow few steps.
– You need to add vinegar in the slot of your washing machine, put your clothes in the drum and run the machine in the rinse setting.
– After that you should wash the load at normal cycle, low temperature and good laundry detergent should be used.
– If stains are still there wash them in bleach and detergent after reading safety instructions.
– Allow clothes to dry.
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