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What are the advantages of using an eco-friendly cleaner?

There are many types of cleaners available in the market which can give you the desired results that you are looking for. But these cleaners come with a price that not only affects your pocket but also affects the environment. House Cleaning Kenmore suggests that instead of these you should invest in eco-friendly cleaners which […]

What Are The Best Products to Clean a Shower?

The most germiest and dirty looking place around the house is the bathroom and the shower which requires deep cleaning and more frequent cleaning as well. There are a number of methods or products produced commercially or homemade products that you can use to clean up the shower. Since there is a lot of involvement […]

The Truth about Cleaning your Countertops with Bleach. Safe or Not?

Cleaning of the kitchen is one of the most essential parts of the cleaning and even after the cleaning if your countertops still give a greasy/ messy look, all your efforts go down the drain. So you try everything for cutting out the grease of the countertops starting from DIY’s to using bleach for cleaning […]

Effective and natural homemade cleaners which you can make yourself

Cleaners is the primary spot where numerous individuals attempt to dispose of the poisons and synthetic compounds from their lives. For this situation the house hold endorsed techniques for cleaning and cleaners prove to be useful, which are not just simple to make, are more affordable on your pocket and are free on poisons and […]

Best Methods to Clean your Stainless Steel Appliances – House Cleaning Kenmore

  For kitchen it’s mandatory to have shiny, stainless steel appliances that will give it a smooth and glossy look. But people who own stainless steel appliances in their kitchen know that it’s prone to fingerprints, streaks as well as water stains during the house cleaning process. Stainless steel appliances were originally designed to withstand […]