How can you deal with mold in your bathroom?

Mold is one of the most common and dangerous things that can be found around the house, especially on dampened and dark places. It can cause breathing problems. Even if you clean your bathroom properly but due to dampness growth of mold is commonly found. For this reason you should inspect the mold along with cleaning and if you find any traces of mold treat it as soon as possible.
House cleaning Kenmore has some tips that can let you know about the proper way of dealing with mold. 
1. Controlling humidity 
When house cleaning, if you live in a wet place, the trick is to check the humidity in the bathroom, if you have a leak in your bathroom, you should install a fan and try to keep it turned on most of the time in the bathroom. Otherwise, make sure it is working when you or someone else is using the bathroom. You can also invest in installing a fan in the bathroom, after taking a bath or after using the bathroom, make sure it is cleaned and dried properly. During house cleaning,this would greatly control the growth of mold in your bathroom. If not, you can apply a few other methods to keep it under control.
2. Vinegar 
When house cleaning,vinegar is good for cleaning, it can also be used to keep mold under control and is also non-toxic. All you need to do for this trick is to pour the white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it on the affected area, whether it’s a wall or an area around the shower or near the sink. Spray it generously with vinegar and then let it rest for about an hour or two. Then wash it with clean water and let it dry and you will have a mold-free bathroom.
3. Borax
During house cleaning, borax is another non-toxic product that can be used to control the growth of mold in the bathroom. When house cleaning, you need to sprinkle generous amounts of borax into a damp sponge and then clean all the tubs, showers, the area around the sink or where there is mold around the bathroom with this and wash it as usual and then let it dry. Borax prevents the formation of mold and also doesn’t let it grow back again.
4. Baking soda 
When house cleaning, baking soda is also a non-toxic cleaner that can be used to clean anything around the house. During house cleaning, to prevent mold growth in homes, you can use baking soda. All you need to do is take a spoonful of baking soda and pour some water in a spray bottle, shake it well, then spray it on the affected areas around the bathroom and rub it with a sponge. This method will not only clean the mold but also prevent it from re-growing.
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