5 different ways to use toothpaste as a cleaner

The most basic cleaning tool that we have lying around the house is toothpaste, it can be used in many unusual ways. Also the toothpaste can be used in place of many other cleaners and works just fine.
House cleaning Lake Forest Park has some tips in which you can utilise your toothpaste for different purposes.
1.Cleaning bottles
When house cleaning, there are many times when we forget to clean the milk from the baby bottle and it becomes sour, no matter how much we wash it clean that sour milk smell stays. To remove the odor from the baby bottle, you can wash it using some toothpaste, instead of putting some dish soap, pour some toothpaste on the bottle brush and scrub the bottle,then wash it as usual. This trick will remove the odor from the bottles,you can apply this trick to cleaning thermos as well.
2.Clearing pimples
When house cleaning, in the teen years dealing with pimples is a nightmare. No matter what you apply, you are not able to get rid of pimples and if you pop them you end up with ache marks an easy solution is use of toothpaste. During house cleaning, you can apply a white toothpaste on the pimple overnight. It will dehydrate the pimple and absorb the oil. So, the pimple should be dried up till the morning. 
3. Remove crayon from the walls
When house cleaning, if you have children around the house you know very well that finding crayon marks on the walls is a common thing and to clean these marks you can’t have a whitewash done every time. So, to remove crayon marks from walls you can make the use of toothpaste. During house cleaning, to remove the crayon squeeze some toothpaste onto a scrubbing brush and apply it over the marks and scrub it. Use a dampened cloth to rinse the wall and it will be back in its shape
4.Remove tea and coffee stains from the mug
When house cleaning, our mugs usually have this ring made from tea or coffee. It is one of the most disturbing things as no matter how much you clean it, it remains there and isn’t able to get rid of it, for this matter toothpaste can come in handy. To remove the tea or coffee stains all you need to do is apply some toothpaste and then scrub it, you will notice that the ring will start disappearing once cleaned you can wash the mug as usual.
5. Clean your iron
When house cleaning, over time your iron is covered with gunk, to remove it you can make the use of toothpaste. All you need to do is apply some toothpaste on the cool iron and then use a rag to scrub it. Once the gunk has been removed then rinse it with clean dampened cloth.
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