The Truth about Cleaning your Countertops with Bleach. Safe or Not?

Cleaning of the kitchen is one of the most essential parts of the cleaning and even after the cleaning if your countertops still give a greasy/ messy look, all your efforts go down the drain.
So you try everything for cutting out the grease of the countertops starting from DIY’s to using bleach for cleaning of the countertops. House Cleaning Kenmore will let you know the truth about using bleach for the cleaning of your countertops.
Bleach and countertops 
When house cleaning, we are all aware of the fact that bleach is a very strong abrasive product that has not only affect on the natural surfaces but also on our health at most. During house cleaning, especially when it comes to cleaning the countertops that are made of granite or marble at first it won’t show the signs of depletion, if you continue its use  you will need to replace your countertops sooner than you think. It is recommended that you don’t use bleach to clean countertops. 
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Bleach and your health
When house cleaning, it is quite clear that bleach is really harmful to our health. The fumes that are produced by the bleach definitely cause a lot of damage to our health. During house cleaning, it doesn’t only stops till here, if we use bleach on the countertops, it still remains there even after wiping it off and then if we place any food or our hands on that counter it goes inside us one way or another. 
If you had to clean using a bleach  
Step 1
When house cleaning, with the bleach at first look at the instructions of the manufacturer that could you use it for cleaning the surface and that it won’t harm your surface after use then you are good to go.
Step 2 
Even though you have a go go sign from the manufacturer still perform a spot test at the edge of the countertop to check, at most you want to follow the instructions of the manufacturer to clean using the bleach. 
Step 3
Certain products if mixed together can be harmful or produce harmful fumes, so in case you have recently used vinegar or ammonia to clean the countertop then avoid using the bleach. 
Step 4 
When house cleaning, it is many times that we have experienced that bleach is irritant to the lungs and eyes, in this case you should make sure that the room is well ventilated and you should wear the safety gears before performing the cleaning. 
Step 5
During house cleaning, as we know it well enough that bleach is a very strong product and can do tons of damage not only to the surface but to you as well. You should opt for more DIY instead of using bleach. 
If you have read all of the tips above and still have a doubt then you should get in touch with our local House Cleaning Kenmore experts who are always ready to help you out no matter what or just book an appointment with House Cleaning Kenmore.

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