The Germiest Spots in your home and how to keep them germ free?

Germs can be found anywhere but there are some things which carry more germs than others. At home also we find some things that carry more germs than the others, so if you don’t clean them with time not only will it turn into a bad situation but it will even make everyone get sick.
So you need to keep a check on the things that carry the germs and clean them on a regular basis too. House Cleaning Kenmore will identify some of the things that are the germiest things at home. 
1. Cutting boards
When house cleaning, cutting boards begin the top 10 countdown, with the study showing that 18% are home to potentially dangerous coliform bacteria and 14% contain mold and yeast. During house cleaning, we do use the cutting boards for many things but if not cleaned properly it turns into the most germs carrying thing in the household. 
Cleaning tip: after each use, place the board in the dishwasher or hand wash with warm soapy water. 
2. Stove knob
When house cleaning, 14% of the knobs had coliform bacteria, while 27% collected molds and yeasts. It comes as a surprise that such a small thing can carry these many germs as well. But it’s true, especially because we touch it so many times throughout the day.  
Cleaning tip: once a week, remove the knobs and wash with warm soapy water.
3. Pet toys
When house cleaning, 23% of pet toys have been found to harbor potentially dangerous staphylococcal bacteria, the highest percentage of staphylococci in any household object studied. Yeasts and molds infested 55% of pet toys and 14% also housed coliform bacteria.
Cleaning tip: Rub hard pet toys with soap, water and a light bleaching solution. Soft toys? Throw them in the washing machine
4. Faucet handles
During house cleaning, we know how we can’t wash our hands before turning on the sink. It is no wonder that coliform bacteria were found in nine percent of the bathroom faucet handles. Not to mention 27% of mold and 5% of staphylococcus.
Cleaning tip: clean the faucet handles daily with disinfectant wipes or sprays.
5. Dish sponge
During house cleaning, the most germ-full element in your home is, ironically, the element used to keep things clean. That’s right, sponges and dish towels. In the study, 77% housed coliform bacteria and another 86% contained yeast and mold. Even more frightening, 18 percent contained staphylococcal bacteria.
Cleaning tip: wet the microwave sponges once a day for two minutes and replace them at least once every two weeks. If you use a cloth, throw it in a hot wash cycle every day or two.
If you are still trying to figure out house cleaning things apart from these are germiest then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Kenmore experts who will provide you more details or you can even book an appointment with House Cleaning Kenmore professionals now.