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Clever Uses for dish soap other than to wash dishes

Dishwashing detergent is a specialized form of soap that contains a mixture of surfactants which are particularly foamy and chosen because they do not irritate the skin. This special blend of surfactants is what makes dishwashing detergent so effective in cutting oils and fats from dishes and pots. House Cleaning Kenmore has some of the […]

How to Organize your Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers Effictively?

Whether you like being in the kitchen or getting in and out as quickly as possible, there are several ways to organize drawers and lockers to make your time in the kitchen much easier. House Cleaning Kenmore has some creative solutions to organize your kitchen. Even if you don’t have a lot of storage space, […]

Function and cleaning of a sink overflow hole – Explained

There are some places in our bathroom where the brush does not reach properly and remain impure, over time the bacteria begin to accumulate in those spaces and a strange smell begins to accumulate. To clean it, House Cleaning Kenmore has put together some tips, following which you will get a clean and odor-free bathroom. […]

What are the advantages of using an eco-friendly cleaner?

There are many types of cleaners available in the market which can give you the desired results that you are looking for. But these cleaners come with a price that not only affects your pocket but also affects the environment. House Cleaning Kenmore suggests that instead of these you should invest in eco-friendly cleaners which […]

What Are The Best Products to Clean a Shower?

The most germiest and dirty looking place around the house is the bathroom and the shower which requires deep cleaning and more frequent cleaning as well. There are a number of methods or products produced commercially or homemade products that you can use to clean up the shower. Since there is a lot of involvement […]