Experience Luxury Living at Your Home with Four Seasons Cleaning

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Luxury living is a goal for most of us. Some have already achieved that goal. As a home cleaning service that cleans homes in Seattle, Bothell, Bellevue, and more, we see a lot of beautiful homes in the area!

Our cleaning team loves cleaning these big homes, however, but we love cleaning ALL homes, apartments and townhomes. It doesn’t matter how big or small the home is, the one thing that every home benefits from is a good, deep cleaning!

We see every day how much of a difference a clean home can make. A cleaned home makes it seem brighter. A clean home smells fresh, looks neat and kept up, and that can make all the difference in how the homeowner and guests view the home.

Luxury living can be attained, even without a luxury lifestyle. It can be accomplished with a deep cleaning and de-cluttering. Just going through the home with a new set of eyes, and cleaning all the dust, dirt and scuffs can make the home seem brighter.

Luxury living can be done at your home, with a little extra effort. Here is a short list of what to do, so that you can also experience a luxurious lifestyle.

  1. Dust all surfaces. When dust gathers on a flat surface, it actually robs the color of the object. Wiping the dust off of your books, vases, candles, etc. will bring back color into your living area, and help it to be a cleaner space. The air will seem fresher when the dust is gone!
  2. Clean the glass and the mirrors. Glass is hard to keep clean, but it really makes a difference when you don’t have to look through a dirty window to see out. You also need to clean the glass on your pictures or artwork that is on the walls. When the glass is clean, it revives the color of the pictures and updates the whole room.
  3. Get New Accessories. Do you have an old blanket on the sofa or chair that is worn out? How about the pillows? Do they have stains on them or are they misshapen from overuse or washing it? Throwing out (or donating) old pillows and throw blankets may also revive your living area. Add some color with a contrasting hue or add a nice textured throw that is soft to the touch. The details in your room can make it feel luxurious!
  4. Fix the rug, or get it cleaned. Are the tassels on your rug all tangled or missing? Does your rug have stains all over it that won’t come out? A lovely rug can be like artwork for the floor, but is that piece of art needs repair, send it out to get it cleaned and fixed- or get a new one. A nice rug can make or break a room. Take a good look at your rug and evaluate it for a deep cleaning. Cleaning a rug is much cheaper than replacing it, and many times it can look brand new after a deep cleaning.
  5. Fresh Paint. A new coat of paint can do wonders in a room. It will instantly brighten it and cover a variety of scuffs, scrapes and scratches. With a new coat of paint, you can choose to lighten up the room, or go dramatic with a bold color. A paint color doesn’t need to match every accessory or piece of furniture, it just needs to complement it. Choosing a paint color can be fun. And painting a room can be done in a day!

If you want to live luxuriously, just remember that it all starts with a clean home.

If you need help maintaining a clean home, call Four Seasons Cleaning! We would love to help you experience luxury living in your own home. We would love to be your cleaning team!