Best tricks to remove beer stains!

Beer is one of the most common beverages that is consumed around many houses across the country, but sometimes mishaps happen and the beer spills, which then leaves stains on our expensive clothing, even though these stains are light in color still are hard to remove if you don’t have proper knowledge.
You should try to clean these stains as soon as possible. House Cleaning Woodinville has some tips to remove beer stains with ease. 
1. Remove fresh beer stains
When house cleaning, it is best to treat a stain before it sets in, same is with beer stains too.  You should rinse the stain with cold water thoroughly from the back of the clothing. This will let you put in less effort in removing the stain. During house cleaning make a mixture of cold water and liquid detergent, pour it on the stain and wait for 5 minutes. If you don’t have detergent then use dish soap to clean the stain. If the stain sets in then use a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water to blot the stained area. 
2. Remove dried beer stains 
During house cleaning, if the beer stain has dried out, then start by wetting the stain with cold water, then pour a few drops of laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid onto the stain and scrub it, after that let it sit for 5 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly. When house cleaning, the beer leaves odor so you would want to sprinkle some baking soda and let it sit for 15 minutes, until it absorbs the odor and any leftover stain. Rinse the baking soda and wash the clothing with laundry detergent and cold water. 
3. Remove beer stains from delicate fabric 
When house cleaning, removing the beer stains from delicate clothing is a bit tricky.  Start by rinsing the fabric with cold water from the back of the clothing. This will not let the stain set in. Then make a mixture of a few drops of mild dish soap and 1 cup of water, pour it over the stain and then blot using a clean cloth. Let the soap mixture sit for 5 minutes and then wash the clothing according to the clothing directions with cold water. You may have to repeat this process twice before the stain has completely removed. Then let the clothing air dry.
4. Remove beer stains from difficult fabric 
During house cleaning, if you are removing the beer stains from cotton or similar fabrics then you are in luck, if the fabric is a little thicker then you will need to wash it multiple times to get the stain out. During house cleaning, rinse the fabric with cold water, to remove the beer stain make a mixture of few drops of detergent and water, pour it onto the fabric, scrub it well then let it sit for a few minutes and washed with cold water. 
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