6 uses of dryer sheets that go beyond doing the laundry

Dryer sheets are a very handy tool, not just for laundry purposes but can turn out to be very useful for other purposes as well. Dryer sheets can be used in multiple ways other than cleaning. House Cleaning Kirkland has some tips on how you can use the dryer sheets in many other ways.
1. Ditch the deodorant marks
When house cleaning, as we are leaving the house we usually put on deodorant and deodorant leaves it insightful marks which doesn’t look nice. During house cleaning, to remove these deodorant marks from your shirt quickly you can use a dryer sheet to rub it off the shirt. It is an effective way to get rid of those deodorant marks off the clothes. 
2. Remove crayon marks 
When house cleaning, the houses which have kids know how often there are crayon marks on the walls and how annoying it looks. If you want to get rid of crayon marks you can use the dryer sheets not just from the walls but also the tabletops. All you need to do is just lightly rub the crayon marks with dryer sheets it will disappear in no time. 
3. Clean your iron 
When house cleaning, after a long time of use the iron gets gunk stuck on its plates or if a clothing get brunt then also the gunk gets stuck to the iron plate which is very difficult to get rid off and also affects the performance of the iron. You can clean the iron with the dryer sheet. All you need to do is lay the dryer sheet flat on the ironing board and set the iron to the lowest of heat. Run the iron over the dryer sheet once warmed up until the residual has been removed. 
4. Clean pet hair 
The homes which have pets know how hard it is to get those pet hair out. For this purpose the dryer sheets can come in handy. During house cleaning, just use the dryer sheet across the floor, furniture, clothing and remove the pet hair with ease. 
5. Fix problematic scissors 
When house cleaning,after a certain time our scissors don’t tend to work as well as they were in the first place. This can be fixed using a dryer sheet, all you need to do is take a used dryer sheet and carefully run it over both the blades, the residual from the dryer sheets will act as a lubricant for the scissor blades and they will start cutting more smoothly. 
6. Remove dust
When house cleaning, we find dust all around the house especially after cleaning and no matter how much we clean the dust sticks back on. An easy solution for this is to clean it with a dryer sheet. These dryer sheets not only pick up the dust but also leave behind a residual that repels the dust.
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