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When someone enters your kitchen, the first thing they notice is the countertops. If your kitchen tops are not well organized you kitchen gives a messy look even though how much effort you put in to keep your kitchen clean. Just like that when you have extra things on your kitchen countertops it will be hard for you to reach out to things that you require. House Cleaning Bothell has a few tips on how you can keep your countertops organized.
1.  Racks
When house cleaning, you need to keep a rack for your dishes when they get washed. If you place your dishes in the racks after washing this will prevent your kitchen countertops from getting wet as all the drained water will be flowed down to the sink. You can even place a rack where you can keep your dry dishes. This way you will be able to keep the dishes at hand that are in use most of the time.
2. Fruit baskets
When house cleaning, it is a must that you keep a fruit basket on your countertops, this will give your kitchen a neat and warm look. The fruits kept in the basket will keep them fresh and will last you for a longer time period. During house cleaning, when your fruits are kept in the basket your children will reach out for them more often, instead of reaching out for junk food, also your children will eat the fruit before they get expired. When you place the fruits in the basket it will save the space in the refrigerator and you will be able to utilize it for keeping something else.  
3. Spice rack
When house cleaning, you should arrange for a spice rack on your counter tops. The spice rack should be placed near the stove, this will help your during the cooking time. You won’t have to rush here and there while cooking searching for the spices. During house cleaning if you don’t keep your spices up front you won’t even realize that you are out of it and when you reach that point it will be hard for you to coup without it.
4. Useful kitchen appliances
When house cleaning, there are some appliances that are in use most of the time. If you start picking those up and placing in the cabinets it will cost you more time during the rush hour. So instead of picking up all the appliances you can place only the useful appliances on the countertops that are used on a daily basis.
5. Kitchen utensil rack
When house cleaning, the kitchen utensil rack is a must. This can keep your utensils arranged and separated. You can arrange for a knife rack and spoon rack. All the knives you require on a daily basis can be placed there, this way your hands will keep safe from getting cuts while taking them out of the cabinets. Your spoons rack can keep all your spoons arranged and separated too. 
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