Hacks for an Organized Bathroom – House Cleaning Kirkland

Most of the time, we find bathroom as one of the smallest rooms in most of the houses and we all have been there, when we keep all the things in that small room it becomes chaos, same is the case with bathroom. In the bathroom we tend to store toiletries and other stuff which becomes almost impossible to store due to the small space. In that case we need to make a smart moves to utilize the space according to the things we have to store that to in a decent way. House Cleaning Kirkland has some smart ideas of organizing your bathroom in a better and less chaotic way.
1.   Toss out old toiletries
When house cleaning, the first thing you need to do is to take out all the things from the cupboards to the things stored on the shelves in a basket or on a towel. Then go through everything one at a time. During house cleaning most of the time we keep on saving on things that are either expired or half empty or empty jars are left. These take up a lot of things so throw them out and just leave the jars that are either in your use or will be and replace them with new ones in their place. This will help you clear up your space and things too.  
2.   Divide
When house cleaning, the bathroom drawers are the messiest if we see overall and takes the most amount of time to find things in those drawers. We just tend to throw in everything in the drawers that we find and when it’s the turn to take it out we just are unable to find anything. During house cleaning we must invest in some good quality dividers, this will not only save us some space but will also provide everything its own space, due to which it will be easy on us to find things easily. 
3.   Use of mason jars
When house cleaning, make the use of mason jars to store things. Mason jars are the most low cost storage hack that we can ever have, most of the time we do find mason jars lying around in the house. You can always include those to put things in like cotton balls, bobby pins, headbands etc. this will be low on your budget and will also give your bathroom a chic look. During house cleaning you can also go for placing toiletries in the Mason jar for storage purposes.
4.   Wide open walls
When house cleaning, shelves are essential either in the kitchen or pantry, so if we install a few in the bathroom it will not only give our bathroom a complete look but will also increase our bathroom storage space. We have tons of space on the walls, if we install a few shelves there it will completely change the look of our bathroom and will be useful when storing things. 
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