Tips on Cleaning Stains and Fingerprints From the Walls

If you have not been taking care of your home walls then you are going to get many surprises when you start house cleaning them. When you will do a close examination you are going to notice lots of dirt,debris, sticky handprints and crayon drawings on your walls by your small kids. Whether you want to brighten up the entire room or you want to remove the stains and handprints from your walls you need to follow tips by house cleaning kirkland to remove the handprints from the wall during the house cleaning process.
Removing Dirt from Walls:
You Will Need the following stuff:
– Ladder
– Dish detergent
– Sponge
– Water
– Plastic Bucket
– When you are going to start your house cleaning process you are supposed to begin by lining the floor with plastic where you’ll be working the most in order to prevent damage from excess water. 
– In the second step you are going to use vacuum’s brush attachment to remove get rid of all of the dirt and grim as well as the cobwebs that are hanging on your walls. When you will be house cleaning make sure that you do not push the brush onto the wall surface as loose dirt may leave marks on your walls. Use the vacuum to suck all of the dirt from the walls. 
– When you will start cleaning your walls make sure that you start at the top of the wall. Like this you will want to clean from the side to side and top to bottom of your walls to brighten up your walls and the most important tip is that work in sections. 
Fill the plastic bucket with warm water and then add dish soap or detergent in it to create a soapy water solution to remove the dirt from your walls.
– Just make sure that you add enough detergent or soap to create bubbles in your water if you will add too much soap it will make your walls sticky and it will act like a magnet and attract more dirt towards it. 
– Once you have created a proper house cleaning solution then you have to dip your sponge into the solution and squeeze the excess water out of it. Wipe your walls to remove the dirt. 
During the house cleaning most of the drink splatters are very easy to remove. Especially if you catch then before they get dry. So, due to lack of absorbency even if the stains get dry you can still get rid of them. 
The cleaning process:
Again the first thing you need to do is fill your bucket full with the warm water solution. After that you will add enough detergent to create bubbles in the water and then use your dry microfiber cloth on the stain to remove stubborn stains. Rinse the wall if stains are hard to remove. When the surface gets dry you can rub the magic eraser over the stain. Open the windows to for ventilation. 
For more wall cleaning tips call your local house cleaning Kirkland experts.