How to get rid of germs in your kitchen? – House Cleaning Kenmore

In the current era, if we look around, there isn’t even a single place where I can’t find the germs in the house, so there are also germs in the kitchen. A kitchen is a place where we can’t afford to have germs because we tend to cook there. If we don’t take care of germs in the kitchen, it can easily make us sick. Therefore, House Cleaning Kenmore has collected some tips to help you get rid of the germs in your kitchen when house cleaning.
1. Cutting boards
To keep your kitchen free from germs, house cleaning suggests that you should make arrangements for two cutting boards, one for raw meats and one for cutting vegetables and other things in this way, it will not pass through contaminants and germs will not be transferred to other foods. . According to house cleaning, you can also use an antibacterial soap to clean cutting boards.
2. Kitchen utensils
House cleaning suggests that pots and pans should be kept free of germs, all you have to do is switch to hot water during washing instead of cold water. Also, you can use an antibacterial dishwashing liquid when you wash the pots. Furthermore, if you do not have time to wash the dishes as soon as possible, simply remove the food from the pan and then add water. Water should not be left for more than an hour, then wash the containers quickly.
3. Suspended ceilings.
When house cleaning, the ceilings should be cleaned every day, also try using antibacterial food sprays to clean those shelves. House cleaning suggests that once a month you can also opt for baking soda to clean countertops, this could also reduce the amount of germs accumulated.
4. Dishcloth.
The kitchen towel is the most used cloth in the kitchen at all times according to house cleaning. You can transport tons of germs that could be transferred to other surfaces in a very short time by simply cleaning them to clean the kitchen towel. The cleaning of the house has a method that carries water in an old saucepan, then add the sponge in water and bring it to the boil, you can also add some slices of lemon to disinfect the fabric naturally.
5. Fridge
House cleaning suggests that it is necessary to disinfect the refrigerator from time to time. Depending on the cleanliness of the house, the refrigerator is the dirtiest place if it is not cleaned regularly because it is not only a dark place, but germs can also accumulate due to things left in the refrigerator for a long time. You can spray an antibacterial solution on the cloth and then clean the surface inside the refrigerator. This will keep the refrigerator clean and germ free.
If you are not having enough time to deal with your kitchen it’s fortunate that the germs are going to develop that are going to be dangerous your kids as well. So you should call your local House Cleaning Kenmore experts now. Call House Cleaning Kenmore for more details.