House Cleaning Lake City – The Secrets of Fake Cleaning

It’s a fact universally acknowledged that last minute family friends, guests or your friends are going to visit busy families during the holiday season. We are expected to be gracious and offer last minute friendliness to the pop-ins but don’t people have an idea how young people live? It’s common they don’t live in an orderly manner, to put it mildly. So, how exactly can you fake clean your house in 15 minutes? 
Here are a few tips by house cleaning lake city which you should follow to fake clean before your guests arrive.
1. Clear the countertops 
During the house cleaning process you don’t have to focus on the house organization, The first thing you need to do is just grab the plastic basket and start putting all of the stuff that has been spread all over your house like clothes, toys, litter etc. Once you are done then put the basket in the closet, garage or hide it somewhere you guests won’t go. 
2. Load the dishwasher
In this house cleaning process you need to stash all of your dishes in the dishwasher. There is nothing to worry if the dishes inside are clean, all you should do is take enough dishes that are clean to put the dirty ones in, it doesn’t hurt you have to put them through two cycles as well. Also, if you are not having enough time during the house cleaning then you can just toss them in the sink covered with soapy water. The main point is to prove your guests that you are not actively in the process of letting them pile up. 
3. Clean bathroom
Sometimes your guests might want to use the bathroom, so it’s important that you should clean it. When you start the house cleaning process of your bathroom make sure that you put all of the toiletries in the drawer, cabinet or somewhere else. Put new hand towels or straighten your existing towels, vacuum the bathmat and wash the toilet seat with the detergent and give it a quick wipe as well. Flush it before you leave the toilet. 
4. Wipe down the living space and the kitchen
During the house cleaning process your spray bottle and spritz some cleaning solution on the affected areas or where the stains are stuck/built up on the surface of your kitchen due to daily course of use, so, to clean it use a fresh dry cloth, paper towel.
5. Square everything up
During the house cleaning try to arrange all of the chairs into the table, arrange the books or magazines, clean the coffee table and everything else that is in your sight. 
6. Sweep the floor 
In this house cleaning process you should try to create a solution containing dish detergent and water in a plastic bucket and use a mop to wipe your living room area with a mop to give it a fresh look and clean it completely. 
If you need more help regarding home organization ideas then get in touch with your local house cleaning lake city experts.