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The ability of stainless steel is that it can resist the corrosion and rust easily and that is why it’s the most popular choice for the kitchen and the bathroom as well. Though, dust, grime and dirt can put your stainless steel at the risk for corrosion. It responds to the cleaning very well the only problem can occur when you don’t follow the rules properly during the house cleaning process.
If you want to keep your stainless steel clean and in good condition then you need to do proper care and maintenance during the house cleaning. The best method is to start with the basic cleaning and then you can increase the work level as needed. With just a little effort of yours the stainless steel will shine.
Follow few tips by House Cleaning Woodinville to clean stainless steel:
How to Clean the Stainless Steel with Warm water?

During the house cleaning process you need to wipe the surfaces with a dry dishcloth moistened in the warm water. Warm water and a cloth is enough for your routine house cleaning as it is the least risky option that you have got for your stainless steel appliances.
Another thing you need to keep in your mind is that during the house cleaning process you need to dry the stainless steel surfaces with a dry cloth to prevent hard water spots. This tip is very essential as the minerals often leave the marks on your stainless steel appliances.
During the house cleaning you need to make sure that you wipe in the direction of the grain. This will help to keep your stainless steel appliances in a perfect shape without any streak marks.
In most of the cases simply by cleaning your stainless steel appliances with the warm water keep them in a good sparkling condition.

How to clean Stainless Steel by using Dish Soap?

For house cleaning you need a little more power and you can fill that gap by adding a drop of mild liquid detergent with a warm water that can do an excellent job. This will not damage your stainless steel appliances as well as it will do a perfect dirt removal.
You need to add few drops of the liquid detergent in your stainless steel sink with a warm water to create a soapy solution or you can use another option by using a dry microfiber cloth and adding a drop of liquid detergent and then add warm water.
After that you need to wipe the stainless steel in the direction of the grain to remove the dirt or tough stains.
Rinse the surface of the stainless steel when you are done with the house cleaning process. Rinsing will help you to remove the residue that is left on the sink in order to prevent the stains of residue.
Dry the stainless steel with the dry cloth to prevent the water spots.

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