House Cleaning Lake Forest Park: How to Tidy Your Bedroom

Try to make your bed after you take your morning shower. A neat and clean bed will inspire you to deal with other mess more easily. Although, dealing with the pillow or arranging your bed sheet may not seem a top priority but at the end of the day it’s going to pay off. When you come back home tired you won’t have to deal with the mess and just get back into a nice cozy bed.
Follow few tips by House Cleaning Lake Forest Park in order to keep your bedroom clean during the house cleaning.
Keep the Supplies in Your bedroom:

Dry dusting mitts: They can be used during the house cleaning process in which you can clean your furniture, floors, electronics, and the knickknacks.
For house cleaning make sure you have a long rod to remove the cobwebs from behind the bed, from your walls,  the furniture that is placed in your bedroom and other hard to reach corners as well.
Microfiber cloth: For dusting
Mop: it can be used to clean your floor
Vacuum cleaner

Gather What Does Not Belong in Your Bedroom:

During the house cleaning process you need to collect all of the items that don’t belong in your bedroom.
Grab a basket and one by one put all of the unwanted item in it as well as the items that you are no longer going to use.
Put them for the donation.
Also, pick up all of the litter that is scattered on your bedroom floor, under the bed and put it in the dust bin.

Remove the Linen to Launder:

During the house cleaning process, make sure that you remove all of the bedroom curtains that are covered in the dust from over one year.
As well as you need to remove all of the cushion and pillow covers.
Take all of the stuff in the laundry room and throw it in the washing machine to wash them completely clean.

Start Dusting:

During the house cleaning process, when you plan to do the dusting make sure that you start it from the top to bottom.
This includes cleaning your walls from the cobwebs and also cleaning the furniture that is covered with dirt.
Clean all of the pictures that are hanged on your walls.
After that you need to move on to your bedroom doors by cleaning the door knobs and then the doors itself.

Vacuum the Floor:

During the house cleaning if you can move your furniture then move it aside and use the vacuum cleaner to completely clean the floor.
The base of the walls in order to remove the dust buildup.  

Empty the Trash:

In the end you need to empty your dust bin in order to remove all of the trash and then wash the dust bin by using 1 cup of hot water and ½ cup of white vinegar and use the brush to clean it.

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