House Cleaning Kenmore: Organizing Your Bathroom

Bathroom is one of the easiest way to organize and it can have one of the biggest impact on your house. If your bathroom could use a little house cleaning organization help then follow these tips of House Cleaning Kenmore to give a better look to your bathroom.
1. Declutter
During the house cleaning process the first thing you need to do is declutter the excessive stuff in your bathroom. Which means that you need to remove extra body lotions, hair combs, body sprays, organize your toothbrush in a holder as well as you need to put your used towels for the laundry. Also, remove the old stuff that has been placed in your bathroom that is no longer in your use.
2. Keep the Counters Clutter Free
When house cleaning, make sure that you keep the counters clutter free by putting less items on the counters and use the tray to corral any products that you want to use. This gives a tidier look to your bathroom and it’s easier to clear off your counter for cleaning. You must keep the items on the ⅓ counter space in order to give you some room to get ready.
3. Use the Inside Doors of the Cabinet for Storage
During the house cleaning process you can create extra space in your bathroom by putting away the useless stuff in the bathroom cabinet of yours. You can use different types of hooks to hold off your important stuff like command hooks as they can hold your face towels or cleaning cloths and it can be easily removed if you want to give a new shape during house cleaning.
4. Use Drawer Dividers
During the house cleaning process there are many items that get lost in the cluttered bathroom drawers. By using the drawer dividers you can keep little things in order and there will be less chances to get them lost. Acrylic drawer dividers are best option for you as they keep it tidy and you can save space light and airy.
5. Add a Laundry Bin
During the house cleaning process you must add a laundry bin in your bathroom where you can specifically put your wet and dirty towels as well as it gets easy to clean up and it gets easier to do the laundry as well.
6. Hang the Towels on Hooks instead of the Towel Bars
When house cleaning, you should try to add hooks and hang your towels on them instead of hanging them on the towel bars. Plus it also allows the towels to get dry more quickly. You must save the towel bars for the hand towels and even get more hooks so that more people can hang their towels. As we often try to re use the towels again and again in order to reduce the laundry.
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