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All of us have clutter in our home either we admit it or not. It can be in your closet, filled with clothes that we have not touched over these years. You children room might need some house cleaning. It’s never too late to declutter your house. House Cleaning Kenmore has got few tips for you to declutter your house when house cleaning.
Living Room:
During house cleaning keep in mind that your living room is going to be the first place where your guests are going to walk into when they enter the house.

If you keep your stuff on the coffee table like magazines, books, tv remotes and newspapers then clean it up.
Organize your table by wiping it with a damp cloth and cleaning the edges of the table to make it neat and clean.
If you have got bookshelf in your living room then during house cleaning make sure that you organize your books and magazines in the self to clear the clutter.
Pick up your unused accessories during the house cleaning process which includes bags and jackets that are not in your use just hang them in the mud room.

It’s the most important place in your house where you relax after a long day at work. Removing the huge pile of clothes and cleaning the closets can be a tough task but it can be huge stress relief once house cleaning is finished.

First, start with your closet. Make three piles, to keep, donate and toss.
This way you can easily declutter your closet by removing the unwanted stuff and keeping things that are necessary.
For house cleaning, install hooks at the back of your door in order to hang items that are usually thrown on the floor, bed or chair to create a mess free room.
Install corner shelves, these can be used to hang your favourite pictures, drawings, and small plants.
Once you have planned which stuff you need to keep and which stuff you need to toss.
Create baskets that are super easy to store under your bed or inside the closet.

Before you celebrate, you need to declutter your bathroom. Let’s face the reality, most of us have not used the products that we own from months and the excess stuff is giving your stress.  

Pull out all of the stuff from the bathroom cabinets and toss out the products that you rarely use.
Declutter the bathtub and sink space by installing wall mounted holders in your bathroom.
Choose soap dispenser and toothbrush holders that you can attach on the wall in order to free up space.  
During the house cleaning, wash and clean the towels at high heat to remove the bacteria and germs.
And to wash rugs you need to use cold water without using any chemicals like vinegar that might harm the rubber backing of your rugs/mats.  

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