The Best Way to Clean the Coffee Maker | House Cleaning Woodinville

The buildup of coffee residue and mineral deposits from hard water at the bottom of the coffee maker can change the flavour of the coffee. With the passage of time it may weaken the brewer’s efficient drip operation. Coffee grounds have natural oils that are not easily removed by rinsing it with water. You may notice that your coffee might get bitter if you don’t clean your brewing basket and the other parts on a regular basis.

How often should you clean your coffee maker?

During the house cleaning process you should try to wash your coffee maker after every use by removing the grounds and cleaning the brew basket, lid and carafe. Deep cleaning to remove the mineral deposits should be done after every 3 months.

If you are living in an area where you get hard water then you should do proper house cleaning of the coffee maker in 1 month. Some of the coffee makers notify you when they require cleaning but you can stay ahead of time and do the maintenance on time. Here are a few tips by house cleaning Woodinville that will help you to clean the coffee maker during the house cleaning process.

What items do you need for house cleaning:

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Soft brush
  • Dry cloth
  • Sponge brush
  • Vinegar
  • (Option stuff) Water Filter
  • Coffee maker cleaning kit (Optional)

How Do We Clean Coffee Maker with Soap and Water?

1. Remove the brew basket:

When house cleaning, remove the brew basket of the coffee maker and discard the grounds and other disposable paper filter.

2. Run hot water:

When house cleaning, fill your sink with limited amount of hot water

3. Add soap:

When house cleaning you can add dishwashing liquid in the sink containing hot water to remove oil.

4. Clean the brew basket and the Fliter:

Put the brew basket and the filter in the soapy water solution. Use the sponge to clean the oily residue and the coffee grounds.

5. Clean Carafe:

When house cleaning you can discard the remaining coffee and rinse the carafe with the warm water. Add soapy water and then clean the carafe with the sponge.

6. Rinse with Warm Water:

You need to rinse the carafe, brew basket and the filter with the warm water and then wipe it with a soft dry cloth.

7. Wipe down Coffee Maker:

When house cleaning you need to dip the dry cloth in the soapy water and then wipe down the inner lid of the coffee maker and the brewing area to remove the residue. Dampen the cloth in the freshwater to wipe the soapy residue.

8.Reassemble the Coffee Maker:

In the end when all parts of the coffee maker are dry put them back together. The coffee maker is now ready to be used again.

If you need any help with the kitchen cleaning and you are not having enough time due to tight work schedule then you can call your local house cleaning Woodinville experts.