Pet Stain Removal Guide for all Types of Surfaces

All of us have pets in our house and we love them as well but not necessarily the spots and stains are left behind by the cats, dogs which includes urine and feces.

When you get stains like this in your house, it means that you need to act as fast as possible in order to avoid the pet stains before it starts to smell or might even get worse.

Below are the instructions by House Cleaning Bellevue for removing these stains from clothing, upholstery and carpets during the house cleaning.

Remove the Pet Stains from Fabric:

1. When cleaning process you need to run the fabric inside out under the cold water to get rid of cats and dogs urine.
2. After that you need to pretreat a stain with the laundry detergent by soaking it in the cold water solution for 30 minutes. Try not to use the hot water.
Hint: When house cleaning, Make sure that the stain is completely gone after washing.
3. When house cleaning you need to launder it in the hottest water as the fabric will allow to let go the stain by using the chlorine bleach or by using the color safe bleach.

Pet Stain Removal From the Upholstery:’

1.When house cleaning you should bolt the feces or urine of the pet but try to be careful by not spreading the stain in the upholstery.
2. Secondly, you need to mix two cups of cold water and one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid as well as one teaspoon of vinegar to create a mix solution.
3. You can use the solution on the affected area by with the sponge or dry white cloth.
4. Next, you need to bolt the stain properly until all of the liquid is absorbed.
5. When house cleaning, repeat these steps until all of the stain is absorbed properly.
6. If the stain is still there then you can use an eye dropper and apply some hydrogen peroxide as well as ammonia.
Caution: Before using ammonia and hydrogen peroxide you should test it in an inconspicuous location before you try it on the upholstery.
7. Once you remove the stain get the plain water in plastic bucket and use the sponge to remove the cleaning solution and then you can bolt dry.

Remove Pet Stains from Carpet

During the house cleaning process when it comes to remove the pet stains from the carpet, the hot water removal process is the best. The key is to react to the stain as soon as possible when it occurs. First, soak the stain and then apply the cleaning solution. Try not to scrub the stain vigorously. Deep stains can drive the stain more deep in the carpet fibers. You can repeat this process multiple times until you get rid of the stains as that is the only key to get clean carpet.

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