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Sometimes we struggle to find a nice hidden storage place to keep our household items to get more organized with the stuff but sometimes during the house cleaning you just want to be assured of putting some important stuff of yours at a place where no one can reach or think of. Whether it’s a secret locker, secret cabinet or a false bottom drawer. If you have a hidden storage in your house that is out of sight it helps your a lot to deal with security. Here are some hidden storage ideas ideas by house cleaning Kenmore which you can use to make a clever use of your household space for house cleaning.
1. Reclaimed wood floating shelves:
During the house cleaning process, nothing can be a better idea than the idea of combining the drawer shelves into the floating shelves when it comes to get the best use of the space in your house while maintaining the space of the living room. The vertical reclaimed wood floating shelves makes everything simple.
2. Unique Hidden Storage Headboard:
During the house cleaning process the small bedrooms don’t quite make it well for the hidden storage headboards in which the shelves are open or even the slide outs. Bringing a twist in the concept to hide your stuff in a hidden storage you can actually put things behind the tufting and sports hinged upholstered panels that makes it more convenient and easy to handle the stuff.  
3. Hidden Outlet Wall Safe:
Sometimes small things can be of great value to us, whether it’s in terms of cost or preciousness. When house cleaning you can install a hidden safe which looks like a little hidden power outlet but in actual it pivots out of the wall like a perfect hidden safe without using a codes. It can be an ideal location to hide your precious stuff like jewellery, cash or cards.
4. Nifty Niches Bathroom Storage:
During the house cleaning process let the cabinet doors disguise themselves as an artwork or paintings with the nifty niches bathroom storage that are embedded inside the walls that are actually used to keep the bathroom toiletries and your personal care products, towels.
5. Concealing Column Kitchen Storage:
If you love cooking and love collecting recipe books but you are falling short of space in your kitchen then you can transform your kitchen into a little cabinet by using column corners to store your important stuff during the house cleaning. The column corners are stylish doors too.
6. Distressed Coffee Table With Storage:
During the house cleaning process, it doesn’t matter if you have something small or large which you need to store. You should purchase distressed coffee table with storage having both drawers on both sides. You are just going to require screws, sheets, plywood sheets, drawer handles and some construction tools
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