A Complete Guide to Wash Your Bathroom Mats

The rubber mats of your bathroom should be cleaned periodically during the house cleaning process to get rid of oily buildup from the various soap or hair products which can leave slippery films on the surface of the mats. The bathroom is restricted area where most of the time temperature fluctuates. The mold and mildew can develop easily which leads to the foul smelling odor.
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Follow a complete guide by house cleaning Kenmore to wash your bathroom mats.
Prepare a diluted bleach:
During the house cleaning process all you need to do is lift up the bath mat so that it doesn’t get attached to the bottom of the tub. The best way to clean the bath mat is to clean the rubber mat is to soak them in the diluted bleach of the bathtub. If you have got a large sink then you can even use that for this process as well.
Use a protective gear:
When house cleaning the bleach might splash on your body or face that might irritate you when you try to pour it in the bathtub. So, try to wear protective glasses and the plastic gloves before you pour the bleach. You can also wear the eye goggles on your eyes for protection.
Well-Ventilated Bathroom:
When house cleaning, open your windows of the bathroom and the exhaust fan before you start preparing the bleach solution. The fumes of using the bleach or by making a bleach solution can be hazardous and might even create dizziness.  
Add only cold water:
When house cleaning just add one gallon of water in the bathtub. Try to not add the bleach directly in the bathtub. Don’t make a diluted bleach solution by adding in the hot water.
Measure the bleach:
When house cleaning, try to keep the measuring cup in your hand. Don’t pour the bleach directly in the cold water as the unequal parts of bleach may create a more potent and dangerous solution that can cause breathing problems.  Follow some tips.
– Add 1 teaspoon of chlorine bleach in one gallon water for the normal house cleaning process.
– For heavy cleaning add 1 cup of chlorine bleach in five gallon of water.
– The alternative to chlorine is to make a solution of one cup of vinegar and one cup of water and then scrub your bathroom mat.
Soak and scrub the Mat:
– If you want to get rid of the mold, mildew then you need to leave your bathroom mats in bleach solution for 4 hours.
– To get a fresh bath mat quickly you have to clean it with the brush or the scouring pad to get rid of dirt and debris after soaking them for few minutes.
Dry the bath mats:
Once you are done with cleaning the bath mats hang them on the cloths wire or put them in the sun to dry. Don’t put them in the dryer as it will wrap it.  
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