Tips to Wash Your Gym Shoes so They Look Brand New Again

The running shoes don’t require high maintenance but they do require a little bit care and house cleaning along the way. Your main goal is not to keep them minty fresh, you just need to keep muck and sweat from doing their worst: 
– If you are a regular trail runner or a road runner who sometimes take risky off pavement, the dirt caked outsoles can sometimes compromise the traction. 
– During the house cleaning if the shoes upper parts are constantly grimy, the particles of dirt and grime can work their way into the fabric, grinding just like sandpaper. 
Follow few tips by house cleaning kirkland to clean your gym shoes properly during the house cleaning! 
What do you need to clean your shoes? 
During the house cleaning of your gym shoes you need the following stuff to clean them. 
– An old toothbrush 
– Utility sink 
– For house cleaning the uppers you need mild soap and if your shoes have got a waterproof membrane then you need to use a special footwear cleaner because the soap or detergent can gum things up.
– To clean the insoles during the house cleaning you need a mild soap, a paste of baking soda and water solution or you can use one part of vinegar and three parts of water solution for house cleaning.    
Cleaning Running Shoe Outsoles 
During the house cleaning process you give new life to your shoes. Like this you are ensuring that you won’t accidentally transport an invasive species to the new area. Sole cleaning is very simple. 
– When house cleaning let the shoe outsoles dry completely. 
– During house cleaning give your shoes a good hard brushing but make sure that you use a stiff bristles. 
– If there are stubborn caked-on dirt then you need to grab a hose, rinse and scrub until all nooks and crannies are clean. 
Cleaning Running Shoes Upper
To clean the upper it is a very simple process which you need to follow. 
– During the house cleaning you need to remove the laces. (You need to put them in the mesh bag and run through the washing machine cycle to clean it) 
– Secondly, remove the insoles
– Use a soft bristle brush to remove the dirt from the uppers 
– Scrub them with a mild soap and water solution during the house cleaning. 
– Rinse the shoes. 
Cleaning Running Shoes Insoles 
The insoles of your shoes absorb a lot of sweat which helps to develop the bacteria. If you want to avoid it then you must clean it on the regular basis. 
– When house cleaning you need to choose the portion. Either you can use the baking soda solution (Paste)  or mild soap solution. 
– Scrub it and rinse them together. Leave it to dry! 
Drying the running shoes: 
This is the easiest part! 
– Put the shoes in a room with mild temperature
– If you want quick drying then use fan
– You can also stuff newspaper to keep the shape intact and quick drying
For more washing gym shoes techniques call your local house cleaning Kirkland experts.