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Laminate is a very easy to clean surface and it does not require extra care for house cleaning. Many of the household products are designed to keep the laminate surfaces clean. If there are hard stains it might require special attention to remove them.
Follow few tips of House Cleaning Kirkland for laminate countertops.
1. Maintain a Cleaning Surface
During the house cleaning process, if you want to wipe the spills you need to do it with the immediate effect. For that you are going to require a damp paper towel or you can even wash the rag on the wet spills and clean the crumbs with a broom or you can simply wipe them away with your hands.
2. Prepare your Solution
If you are unable to clean the spill immediately for house cleaning then you can use any of the standard house cleaners after reading the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure they can be used on the laminate.

If you have got no solution then you can create your own by mixing soap with warm water or you can add 4 tablespoons of vinegar to 1 cup of warm water.
Most of the standard cleaners will be easily compatible with the laminate. Laminate bears everything from bleach to soap solution for house cleaning.
If you ever feel unsure about the solution then you can test it on any inconspicuous space spot first before house cleaning.

3. Wash the Laminate
For house cleaning, if you want to clean the laminate then you need to:

Use non-abrasive sponge or towel cleaner and if you are using your own solution then you need to wet your sponge and then spread it over the laminate.
After that you need to allow it to sit for few moments before scrubbing.
If you are using a pre mixed solution then you need to spread it all over the laminate and let it sit for a moment before scrubbing.
Use a soft toothbrush to scrub all over the seams.

4. Rinse it with Water
When house cleaning, once you have washed the laminate you should try to wash the surface with the fresh water to remove any remaining residue of the cleaning solution. For this warm water and soft towel are good for this process.
5. Dry the Laminate
During the house cleaning process you should use a dry towel. You can even let it air dry but when you are drying it for yourself you can see the stains are there or not. If there are no stains left then you are almost done.
How to give a shine to laminate countertops?
To make your countertop shine you need to use a mild car wax in the light layer. This will bring out the faded color and leave a protective layer coating for a year long during the house cleaning process.
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